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Mar 28, 2014 11:06 AM

Dickeys BBQ Highridge Plaza [Yonkers]

I went to Staples on Rte 100 the other day (which is closing tomorrow btw) and there were people outside handing out menus and plastic soda cups for this restaurant opening yesterday. It may be a chain from Texas. Anyone been yet or know anything about it?

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  1. I think it is one of the Dickey's chain restaurants. I did a zip code search for locations on the site and got the Yonker's address: 1789 Central Park Avenue.

    1. In Texas where BBQ is king, Dickey's is considered marginal. But in territories without much BBQ, it may satisfy. I enjoyed lunch there near my office in Dallas many times.

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        1. I don't expect much from Dickey's, but anything is better than Rancho Grande. One visit was all it took and I never went again. That location has had numerous lousy chains/restaurants there over the years since it was first built, I think for Seafood Peddlar. Which was terrible and started the trend.

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            I tried to stop by today and it was a hectic and annoying scene with terrible music blasting at very high volume. I immediately walked out as if I bounced off an invisible wall. The inside looked small, but I didn't make it more than four feet inside the place. It isn't in the location I assumed, but in one of the small storefronts near the mediocre pizza and Chinese places, a few doors down from the excellent A&S Pork Store Italian deli, the best in lower Westchester, which is where I got lunch instead of Dickies BBQ.

            I'll give it another try during the week.

            1. re: JMF

              I stopped by today but didn't get anything and walked out again. The prices are much higher than at other Dickies locations, including the CT ones. Sandwiches are about $2 more, and the meats are $2 a lb. more.

              I may be becoming a curmudgeon, but having all the employees yelling out "Hello, welcome to Dickies" annoys the heck out of me. All I wanted was to quietly get a sandwich to try.

          2. stopped by today 3/31 and had the daily special-mondays are pulled pork sandwich ,2 sides and drink for $9.00- a pretty good deal and a pretty average meal-not great and not bad some extra condiments available at the rear -more pickles ,sauce ,onions. also brought home a small portion of brisket and some sausage. the sausage is only fair but the brisket is ok. the daily specials seem like the best value.Aalso they give you a punch-ticket fourth visit free drink-10th free sandwich