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Mar 28, 2014 10:08 AM


i'm not a big fan but i read these boards and I know there are of lot you that might be interested.

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    1. Looking forward to it...Callahan' all-time classic hot dog place...I hope they can do it the same...

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      1. re: ELA

        I knew the guy who owned or was affiliated with the Little Ferry location. They also had Food Trailers, but I don't recall if they offered the Callahan Hot Dogs with them. They used to bring the trailers to the Meadowlands Flea Market to serve French Fries.

        He used to tell me they sourced and used the exact same products as Fort Lee.....the Fryolaters, the same fat to fry, the same Dogs, Buns and toppings.. People still said it was not the same. go figure.

        1. re: fourunder

          Thanks...I had been to the Little Ferry location several times -- and the other location they had for a short time, in Hasbrouck Heights, a few times.

          In my opinion, the Little Ferry dogs didn't taste the same. I am not a chef or in the business, but in some respects, they couldn't taste the same, even if everything they used was the same. JMO.

          I remember seeing the trailer outside in the parking lot in Little Ferry. I had never seen them at a fair or flea market, but that doesn't mean anything. I don't know if they offered their dogs either, having never seen the trailer anywhere (other than the parking lot).

      2. how about a callahans website letting customers when and where the truck will be there,i for one am glad to hear callahans is up and running again,the dogs are great!

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        1. I always preferred Hirams.

          1. I am sure the dog will be good -- or else he won't last long, LOL -- but I don't expect a classic, just like it used to be Callahan's dog. Might be the same dog and all, but it's not the same grill, not the same nuances, etc.

            Beer soaked? LOL.

            I have always been a Callahan's guy. A big fan.

            I hope this is the real deal.

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              1. re: ELA

                The Callahan's hot dog truck was at the Secaucus street fair today. Went right up and got two dogs with kraut and mustard.... omg... just like i remember 25+ yrs ago at the Bergenfield spot. Spoke with Dan, the grandson of the the original owners, really nice guy. Apparently he's getting great feedback at all the events he brings the truck too. Forgot how big their dogs were. Will try a stop by a few events he's at as the summer goes on. My little guy enjoyed a small piece of the hot dog too. This food truck thing is really catching on up here in Bergen.

                1. re: yogi70

                  I forgot about the Bergenfield location. What's at that location now I wonder?

                  1. re: ebchower

                    it turned into a Miami subs - now a Walgreens i believe.

                    1. re: yogi70

                      Miami Subs wasn't a bad deal, either.

                        1. re: fourunder

                          Growing up in the 70s, we always went to Jack In The Box after Mets games at Shea, and Callahans in Fort Lee after Yankee games.

                          1. re: ebchower

                            Callahan's was always the preferred stop over Hiram's.......we went to the Twin Gables after a visit to Palisades Amusement Park

                            Jack in the box was my first introduction to a Taco.