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Mar 28, 2014 10:08 AM

Recommendation for Nesting SS Bowls?

Hi, All:

I'm sick of the hodgepodge of SS bowls I have--they don't nest, and therefore take up 'way too much space, the stack tips over, etc., etc.

I would like to find a multi-piece set that nests and stores neatly, like my Duralex glass ones. I would like the largest to be no more than 11" in diameter, so they'll fit in my shallow cupboards.

Shape can be pretty much anything.


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  1. The set I "inherited" from my late pa-in-law were almost certainly the ones advertised in the Chef's Catalog. They are available both as a set and individually, and the late Steve's pile has two extra small ones, making them very handy for setting up stir-fries, Pad Thai, stuff like that. I keep mine on top of the toaster oven, but if I had cupboard space they'd fit.

    That catalog is one I always go through (I inherited his subscription, too!) and occasionally buy from. Good range of stuff from really cheap to expensive, but never as pricey as Sur La Table or Williams-Sonoma.

    1. Flared stainless steel bowls are sold in a variety of sizes at restaurant supply houses. In years past the shallower flared shape was available everywhere, but now I only see SS bowls that are deeper than they are wide. I prefer the flared bowls for just about every use. And they nest and should fit nicely in your shallow cupboards. Here's one source; when I searched for flared SS mixing bowls, the Carlisle name came up with great frequency:

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        I've mentioned this in other posts on this topic. I've been really pleased at the quality of IKEA's stainless prep/serving bowls. They range in size from about 3" to large salad size. It's not a set but you can get a range of sizes which will nest quite nicely.

        1. re: janniecooks

          :: now I only see SS bowls that are deeper than they are wide ::

          Will have to renew my visits to restaurant supply places.

          I'm wondering if the increased use of immersion blenders has something to do with the deeper shape. I like the true-hemisphere shape best for holding and stirring, but for buzzing, those steep walls are a plus.

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            Just to clear, I intended to say that I have been able to find the flared SS bowls that nest nicely only at restaurant supply houses.

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              Ah. So no need to get in the truck...

              1. re: janniecooks

                Don't forget Amazon -


                These are great for whisking, folding, and so many other things... but not for buzzing, as ellabee noted.

          2. We received a set of Farberware cookware, as newlyweds more than 30 years ago that included 3 nesting ss bowls. The pots & pans were junk but the bowls are great, and still get used daily. I found them on ebay, linked here:

            1. My set is rather like the Carlisle set mention by janniecooks, a bit too wide to fit your dimensions. Here's a set that's deeper, with one owner reporting the widest one at about 10.5".


              Now I don't know if these are like mine and work with induction, which I know is critical to you, but I sure find it nice to melt the butter in the bowl and.... oh, wait... never mind. ;)

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              1. re: DuffyH

                Thanks, Duffy. This is not a bad-looking set, but I would prolly have to order 2 sets. Maybe I'm being unrealistic, but I was hoping to find a set of 6-8, with sizes down to mise en place for preps for 1-2 people.

                I try to use cookware for cooking, but I hear that some folks will use bowls on the stove.


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                  Your best bet might be to find a set of four that's also offered singly, so you could get extras of the smallest size for prep bowls.

                  1. re: kaleokahu

                    I understand exactly what you want. I think it's your 11" diameter requirement that's limiting you. Sets with more bowls tend to be more like my set, rather shallow and wide. They're perfect for mixing almost anything from a small amount of vinaigrette to a huge potato salad, but they're not so good for storage. I keep mine in a base cabinet.

                    How about a set like this, with both mixing bowls and pinch bowls? Not exactly what you're looking for, but closer, I think.

                    EDIT - I've got sets of Duralex bowls in 8-, 4- and 2-oz sizes that I keep stacked in a drawer. Those are my mise en place bowls. It's a great solution for me, although I understand it might not work for everyone.

                2. My most frequent use of the two largest stainless bowls here is to cool down stock (one inside the other, with ice & water in the larger one), for which their deep dimensions and near-vertical walls are ideal. But I've not found any close to the shape of these; it's one of the things I always check in any catalog or cookware store.

                  This, along with the wide, flattish bases of the bowls I use, has made me think that they might have been bowls that went with my mother's first stand mixer (whose motor burned out while on loan to a friend; I can still remember how steamed she was at the culprit).

                  All the smaller stainless bowls have the more flared shape, so they nest nicely in a separate stack, despite their being a hodgepodge. The difference in weight of steel among them is startling.

                  Sorry, kaleo; none of this is the slightest help in your quest.