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Mar 28, 2003 09:28 AM

Birthday Dinner in Montreal

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My boyfriend and I will be going for the first time to Montreal for his birthday. I've already made a few reservations at restaurants like Toque, Chez L'Epicier, L'Express, and Les Mas des Oliviers, which by the way I got from this board.

His birthday in on Monday April 14th and my first choice for dinner that night was Area. I called and they tell me they are closed on Mondays. I need your help identifying a very good restaurant, my boyfriend and I love food, that is open on Mondays. Can you help? Thanks

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  1. Good choice with Le Mas...Best french restaurant in Montreal (from what I've eaten)...

    Judging from what restaurants you've named, price isn't an issue...If you both like fish, Milos is the best choice. If not, go to Queue de Cheval.

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