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Mar 28, 2014 09:32 AM

Is there a chance in heck we can get Fast Food chains to cut back on the salt on the fries?

We all know Fast Food isn't good for you (tales of weight loss while eating at McDonalds alone aside). But wouldn't it at least be a little less bad for you if they didn't take that extended shake of salt over each and every batch of fries coming from the oil?

I'm told the heavy salting was done to encourage folks to buy larger drinks, but most of the fast food joints around here allow you free refills, so that doesn't really work. And I guess if they salt it for you, they don't have to have piles of salt packets for the folks who do like their fries salted.

I know I always ask for no salt, and although it makes the order take a little longer, I figure it's a tiny bit healthy. If the fast food joints would stop salting fries on their own, they could try to gain some "high ground" by explaining that it's for the health of their customers.

Is there a chance this could happen? Or am I the only one who prefers a salt free fry?

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  1. Yes, you are. If they did this there would be no point in going to fast food places.

    It is a myth that this would be any better for you. It's the carbs that are killing you, not the fat or salt.

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      Well, actually. NONE of it is killing you. Unless you're eating way to much of it. In which case, don't blame the food. Blame yourself. The food isn''t killing you; YOU are killing you.

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        If you worried about the carbs, you wouldn't even order the fries.

      2. Salt-free fries? Gak. No thank you.

        I agree some places go overboard with salt, but fries absorb salt best when just out of the fryer; you can watch the salt bounce off colder fries.

        Wendy's switched to sea salt some time back, and they've lost something in the process.

        1. What's unhealthy about salt?

          1. People like salty fries; people expect salty fries. You want healthy? Order carrot sticks. The salt won't kill you.

            1. most of the sodium you consume comes from teh rest of your meal, not the salt on the fries.