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Mar 28, 2014 08:33 AM

Breakfast on Marathon Day

Hi all! We will be taking the train from the Attleboro area into Boston for the early Sox game on Marathon Day and are looking for a good, easily accessible breakfast spot for a pre-game meal. I've searched the boards and have seen quite a few good Boston breakfast recommendations, but I know the city is going to be nuts that day and some places may be too difficult to get to due to road closures and the like from the marathon. Looking for a casual spot (we'll be in jerseys, of course) with tasty food that we can get to without a ton of hassle that morning. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Call Eastern Standard Kitchen. They're around the corner from Fenway and do a good breakfast every day, but they're right on the marathon route, so I'd call to ask what the deal will be that morning.

    An alternative would be Brasserie Jo, which is an easy walk from the Back Bay train station, and a relatively easy walk to Fenway.

    Either way make reservations. (I recommend the 7:32am train so that you don't feel rushed, although the 7:55am probably works, too.)

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      and it's not just the marathon -- there is always a sox game too.

    2. Any interest in having breakfast before you get on the train? If getting on at south attleboro there are several places I go to.

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      1. Liberty Lunch would be my first choice. Two miles from the train station. Rt on Central from Newport ave, then on the right across from St. Leo's.
        Shannon's is also in Pawtucket about two miles from the station. Best prices around and larger than liberty. Shannon's is near the Attleboro line on benefit and broadway.

        1. The Busy bee diner is a few blocks up beacon st from kenmore

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            Between the Red Sox and the Marathon, it's impossible to get into most of the restaurants in this area. Busy Bee is right on the Marathon route too. Even Dunkin Donuts usually has a line out the door.

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              The Red Sox game starts at 11a. Since the OP is looking for a pre-game breakfast, they are probably looking for something around 10a. This is well before the marathon crowds descend in mass. After the game will be a much different story though. Audubon was our go to pre game spot on Patriots Day in years past, unfortunately it is closed. We never had a problem getting a table there though.

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                That part of the route (Busy Bee) isn't particularly crazy at 9-10 am on marathon day

            2. 2nd brasserie jo, but also consider charlies on columbus ave.