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My husband and I will be spending 5 days in New York with our two children (ages 6 and 9). Can anyone provide restaurant suggestions? We do not like chains or touristy places. We want quality, freshly prepared foods with good service. Our kids are not adventurous eaters, so places that have kids menus are a plus. We will be staying in Midtown, but plan to be all over Manhattan doing all of the standard touristy things - Statue of Liberty, Yankees Game, Central Park, Museum of Natural History, etc. We are thinking we will have pizza at John's on Bleecker, but are open to other suggestions. Also, any suggestions for an alternative to Serendipity? We love diners, but don't want to overdo the diner thing.

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  1. These previous threads have some great suggestions:



    1. The Smith has 3 locations in the city and is kid-friendly. Sugar and Plumm near the Natural History museum is a nice alternative to Serendipity. So is Alice's Tea Cup. John's pizzeria is great. The Times Sq. Location of John's is a good choice before or after a show. Bubby's in Tribeca is fantastic for all meals - just about everything is homemade, even the soda and lemonade - and it's very kid-friendly. All of these restaurants are kid tested and approved (my kids are 7 and 9)....good luck.

      1. just had my grandsons in for the weekend (5 and 7) and we went to Golden Unicorn for dim sum (go early - before noon on a weekday). They had a great time with the carts and you can always just order a plate of noodles for the less adventurous. We also took them to Gyu-Kaku and let them cook their own food. S'mores for dessert. We went to Times Square but there are several in the city.

        1. Junior's in the Times Sq area is very good and kid friendly. They have a nice selection of fabulous desserts too. Mile High Sundaes and marvelous cheesecake.
          Katz's on the LES is a fun experience with great food. Sandwiches are big enough for two to split.
          Otto is kid friendly and close to Washington Sq park. Not too busy at lunchtime but make a res for dinner.
          Across the street from John's Bleecker St is Keste Pizza. Different from John's. I like them both.
          If you get adventurous take a stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge and have a meal on the Brooklyn side.
          Isabella's near the museum is very good. Across the street is Shake Shack.
          I always advise my out of town friends to skip the trip to the Statue of Liberty since it will consume most of your day. Instead, take a trip on the Staten Island Ferry. You'll get a close up look at the statue and a very nice cheap boat ride.

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            We took the kids to Shake Shack after the museum of natural history - make sure you get there early. By noon the place is mobbed, and the seating is very limited.

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              Junior's Times Square location got good? A number of years ago, it was awful, so I never gave them another shot.

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                I don't know if the food was good but the egg cream and cheesecake was pretty good and the menu was definitely kid friendly. We had a long wait though.

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                  I keep it simple at Junior's. Most times I am there for dessert only. Egg Creams, Mile High Sundaes, Strawberry Cheese pie and luscious Lemon Merengue Pie!!

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                    Junior's also makes great overstuffed pastrami and corned beef sammiches.

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                      I got a tongue sandwich there, and it was disgusting and had to be sent back. Then I got a turkey sandwich, which was perfectly OK but not better than that. I had much better luck at their original Brooklyn location. This was several years ago, though.

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                        loved the brooklyn location but I am talking about more th an 10 years ago. i don't know if they still do but they'd bring out various pastries and bread before I order my favorite roasted chicken with vegetable on the side. yummm..fond memory. and oh their pickled beets and onion...forgot if it came before or with the meal but was really tasty.

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                          As I said: "Pastrami or corned beef are sure winners!" Keep it simple.
                          They also have fabulous breakfast omelettes.

                          1. re: Motosport

                            Yeah, but I had had excellent tongue sandwiches previously at their Brooklyn location.