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Mar 28, 2014 08:12 AM

Wok N Roll, 68th anbd 1st

Just another of the ubuquitous hole in the wall Chinese takeouts in the city...

However, I was in this area earlier in the week and wanted to report on something unusual.

Typical place, take out in front, about 20 self service seats in the back, Spartan atmosphere. Lunch specials mostly $6, unremarkable because it does not include soup, unlike most of the places like it.

Ordered a Szechuan Beef, very tasty, nicely cut veggies, in strips the way this dish is traditionally served. However, after a few bites of the "beef", I noticed a remarkable similarity to Wheat Gluten! The texture, the taste, the uniformity, and the fact that there was no fat or variation in the pieces at all. Now, this doesn't bother me much, I've enjoyed Chinese-style wheat gluten many times in Chinatown.

Now, I can't prove it, unless taken to a lab, but I am 95% confident that this dish contains not beef, but wheat gluten! Very clever of the place, and probably much cheaper, but I'm sure there are some other folks who would be angry at this sneaky substitution.

Who know? The place has been there over 20 years, (great name!) and seems to be still going strong.

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  1. Went to a place with same name in Grand Cayman, but they also had Filipino Food and Thai Food

    1. Anyone else been to this place and thought the "beef" tasted strange?