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Mar 28, 2014 07:42 AM

Lighter dishes at Cochon

We have reservations at Cochon on a Saturday of our upcoming stay. Last time I went it was with 7 people and we ordered practically everything. This time it is just two people and I'm very excited about the flavours and textures and unique qualities of these dishes, but a little worried about actually finishing anything - it all looks quite heavy.

Should we maybe think about a different place for our one higher end dinner out?

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  1. You might want to try his other restaurant, Peche. It is seafood focused, as opposed to the pork of Cochon.

    1. If I had only one higher end dinner, it would not be Cochon.

      Consider: August, G.W. Fins, Coquette, possibly Herbsaint.

      1. I had the same concerns so made a meal from the small plate and salad section of the menu. My husband and I started our meal by sharing an order of the fried chicken livers. He ordered the cochon entrée, a repeat of his meal last time. I ordered the wood-fired oysters with chili butter and the Brussels sprouts and chick pea salad.

        I don't think I finished all the salad but the over-all quantity of food worked for me.

        Heads up: the heat-level of the chili-oyster dish was pretty hot -- right at my personal threshold. I actually liked that heat. The chilis were the kind that provide a hot immediate blast yet cool off quickly. That allowed me to taste the mild oysters as a second taste. Nice!

        If you want the type of food Cochon serves, I don't think the other high-end restaurants are comparable. I adored the food at August. Refined. Imaginative. (And I don't have personal experience with G.W. Fins, Coquette or Herbsaint.) But the American-bistro style of Cochon is closer to Luke in the Besh empire than to August. Perhaps do a lunch at Cochon Butcher and go to one of the more refined high end restaurants for dinner.