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Mar 28, 2014 07:21 AM

The Cooking Channel

I know it's a few years old now, but we just got DirecTV and paid eight bucks extra to upgrade and get the cooking channel as well as the food network. I hope it's worth it - yesterday they were showing Dinner Impossible all day, and while that's okay I'm hoping for something NEW!

What they really need is a third food channel - the 'international food channel' - there are brilliant food shows all over the globe but do we ever get to see them? Nope... not unless they decide to make a 'local' version instead. I'd pay good money to see what they're doing in the rest of the world...

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  1. Do you have a DVR? Because most of the good shows on Cooking Channel are on early in the morning. Spend some time on their website, look over the schedules, and see what looks interesting to you. Most evening and weekend programming leans heavily to the competition shows.

    Also check to see what public television stations you have available. Especially the "Create" network, they do show cooking shows from around the world.

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    1. re: pamf

      I usually can catch some great ones on Create.

      1. re: libgirl2

        We don't have access to Create. :( There are some international shows on hulu but it's hard to pick the good stuff out of the mountain of trash. I just wish tv wasn't so insular! In Australia they made a special station called SBS which was entirely dedicated to international programming and it always had fascinating stuff on it... not to mention all the BBC stuff that showed up on the ABC. BBC America seems to be the all-Top Gear, all-Gordon Ramsay network and they never show anything else in the daytime except Dr Who! (not complaining about Dr Who I love the show... but I'm interested in more than just Dr Who)

        1. re: Kajikit

          I live near Detroit and can catch 24/7 Create TV on a set that's not connected to cable. My cable provider (ATT U-verse) has absolutely loaded its channel slots with infomercial and shopping stations and eliminated many old favorites. I use the non-cable set for a variety of channels not broadcast in the cable lineup, including Create TV, which is one of the 3 PBS channels. U-verse only carries one PBS channel. Some friends get Create on Dish Network.

          1. re: Kajikit

            I get what you mean with BBC America. It seems to be all same old/same old these days. Wow, I loved it when we first got it here in upstate NY. Fabulous stuff. Now, not so.

      2. You'll also find some cooking shows on the Travel Channel.

        1. I think the best cooking shows they have are reruns from Canada's Food Network:

          French Food at Home
          Spice Goddess (Indian)
          Easy Chinese
          David Rocco's Dolce Vita

          are currently showing during the day.

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          1. re: jackiecat

            I used to love watching Michael Smith's "Chef at Home". He's done (and I think is still doing) shows for Food Network Canada, but I haven't seen them anywhere in ages.

            1. re: jackiecat

              Loved French Food at Home, but they seem to be running the same few episodes over and over, so it's not that interesting anymore.

              I liked the original Spice Goddess, where she was just cooking, but the new shows have this adventure theme (bungee jumping, demolition derby, not kidding) and I can't watch those.

              Some old classics turn up though, but they are really early in the morning (I am west coast). Old Molto Mario, original Bourdain FN show, and such).

              1. re: pamf

                There were only three seasons of French Food at Home filmed (but huge seasons--78 episodes total) and I'm not certain all the episodes get shown on CC. Either way, at five episodes a week they still burn through pretty quickly. I'm surprised CC has kept it on this long.

                Rachel Khoo's show was a nice alternative but she had hardly any shows at all, maybe enough for two weeks of programming.

                Good Eats is still on CC but at weird times. They had a few hours taken up last (Friday) night with GE in fact.

            2. I watched it during the first year and liked it. I enjoyed Jamie Oliver at Home, David Rocco at Home, Nigella Cooks, and even the Exotic Ingredient guy. It was great for the first year and a half until I had seen every episode repeated like 5 times. I don't think I've tuned to Cooking Channel since.

              1. If you have a Roku box you can get a number of specialized cooking channels of various cusines. These typically show short videos, some excelent, some awful