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Mar 28, 2014 06:23 AM

High End Mexican - El Paso

Looking for nice restaurant. Good drinks. Been to Los Banditos enough; need something else. Classy. Thanks!

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  1. Okay; that sure didn't work. How about pretty good, any kind of cuisine?

    1. Los Bandidos de Carlos & Mickey is the fanciest Mexican place I've been to over the years in El Paso. I've been to the decidedly downscale KiKi's near the military post and the food was good there. I hear good things about Leo's and L&J Cafe.

      For upscale, I like the atmosphere at Cattleman's at Indian Cliffs Ranch. Steaks on the menu there. Have you tried Mesa Street Bar & Grill? I have not, but it looks interesting. El Paso is a pretty casual town.

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        Over the years, we've done Cattleman's and L&J. Both very good. Have not done Mesa. We're staying at the Guest House International Suites; anything good around there?

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          Is that at the airport? Don't know of any really. Years ago, probably 8 or so, I traveled frequently by plane arriving at night, and used to always stay at the hotel adjacent to the airport that is now a Wyndham because I could walk there. They had a restaurant that was really very good, best tortilla soup I've ever had. The restaurant is still there but I can't vouch for the fare there now.

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            I think it is. As I recall, there's a major gate onto post by the airport. One thread says there's a steakhouse and an Italian restaurant in that area.

      2. You MUST go to Julio's! This place moved over from Juarez and is simply the best you can get in El Paso for "high end" Mexican.

        I can solidly recommend:
        Tlalpeño Soup - this is a must every time I go home
        Cochinita Pibil
        Machaca with Egg (not high end, but damn fine
        )Chicken Mole Poblano

        The grand finale is the Cajeta Crepes Flambé tableside.

        ( I'm craving...)

        1. Julio's sounds good. Thanks!

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            I don't get back much anymore, but I hit this place as many times as I can (plus a great pizza joint on Mesa in Coronado)

            Please let me know what you think.

          2. Only one week to go...any updates?