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Hometown Bar-B-Que Red Hook

I did a search on this board for this place and it turned up nothing. I would appreciate any comments anyone has to offer on it.


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  1. I went once about two months ago and I enjoyed it. It's hard to recollect the particulars but I remember preferring the ribs and brisket over the pulled pork which looked like it's held in some kind of cooking liquid to give it moisture. The mac-n-cheese is a cheesy gut bomb if you are into that. I like the space which is divided into two rooms and quite sizeable. Went on a Sat. afternoon and it was mostly parents with toddlers, not that there is anything wrong with that. I think at night they are doing live music. It's very similar in style, price and quality to Fletcher's & Morgan's and worthy of a visit. Personally, I am grateful for all the new bbq options, will be interesting to see which ones stand the test of time once the whole craze has died down.

    1. I was not excited by it. Prices were sky high ( I am spoiled by annual trips to Lockhart) and quality was just ok.

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          I have not tried enough of the Brooklyn places that have recently opened. When Hill Country opened its Manhattan location a few years back, I thought that they were really on the right track- unfortunately, save the brisket ( and that is my least favorite menu item when it comes to bbq), its no longer on my list. I don't tend to be such a downer on my praise in most categories.

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            Not much info here and since we can't all go to Texas for BBQ we'll have to make due with what we have in NY.

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              Agreed. You asked so I answered. Thankfully I have many places left to try that hopefully will compare. Isn't that why we are on this site?

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                I came off snarky. I apologize. Please keep us posted if you discover some nice NY BBQ

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              I recently visited the Brooklyn Hill Country and had the juicy brisket. And boy, it was fatty brisket - I mean a half-pound piece was half fat if not more, with one of the three pieces the cut broke into being entirely fat. - though absolutely delicious.. I felt this was a little over the top though Ill say it again, absolutely delicious.

              I also wish for more moderate prices on sides in these places

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                50% (exterior) fat is unacceptable at $25/lb.

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                  Yes. I wound up eating the whole portion - I had planned to save some for husband, but there just was not quite enough meat for a saveable serving. At that price there should have been enough to share....Not sayin' this is always the case however.

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                  I have the same complaint about the burnt ends at Fletchers. Mostly fat. However, my brother and husband love them.

          2. I liked it and I've been around the BBQ block a few times. Perfect place to grub after shopping at IKEA nearby. The beef rib was stellar and a little less expensive than what you'd pay at Mighty Quinn's for similar quality. Definitely get it. Pork ribs, brisket, and pulled pork were solid. Where they were weak was with the sides, but that's a secondary concern at a BBQ joint I guess. They have special sausages and things like lamb belly that they change up from day to day. Great beer selection too. And to top it off it's a really welcoming staff and a funky spacious place---like an indoor beer garden vibe. If I'm ever out that way I'd happily go back.

            1. we have been 3 times now - important to know that they recently changed their ribs. their main pork rib is now done 'jerk style' - and I was worried that it would be too spicy but it's just a little bit of heat. and I think it was a great change. they are also featuring a big beef rib. I really like the place - like the food - LOVE the coleslaw which is second only to fletcher's cole slaw. don't like either hometown or fletcher's mac and cheese - and prefer fletchers for cornbread. but you can relax more and have a meal out more than at fletcher's where you are seated community style and it's a little squishier.