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Mar 28, 2014 04:22 AM

South Beach Breakfast / Brunch on Weekday?

Looking for decent South Beach Breakfast / Brunch on weekday (today actually, Friday).

(The only posts here on SoBe weekday breakfast are very old).

This is for two young ladies visiting town. So something with a decent view/atmosphere and/or on the "hip" side would not hurt.

I'm trying to nail down their hotel - but for now any idea will do - thanks!

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  1. Best bet is probably the Dutch. Never been for breakfast but they have a great pastry chef. It also does the hip thing as it is a good place to be during WMC.

    1. Not really Brunch but Fri lunch options- Joe's or the takeout area, Lucali, The Dutch, Restaurant Michael Schwartz, Meat Market (outside Lincoln Road), Sardinia, Tongue and Cheek. View/drink Juvia.

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      1. re: The Chowfather

        Hi - Front Porch Cafe is a nice spot if they feel like eating outdoors with good people watching.

        Breakfast at The Dutch is excellent but expensive. I had steak and eggs (don't see on current menu) and my wife had the "whatever, whenever". The bacon was incredible.

        (Whoops just realized this was for today! Hope they had a nice breakfast)

        1. re: chunker

          I went to the front porch café recently and thought it declined from what it was years ago.

          1. re: tpigeon

            I went to Front Porch a couple years ago and thought it had declined from what it had been years before then.