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Mar 27, 2014 09:37 PM

Would you tell me about how you like to spend your hot and humid summer days/nights in New Orleans?

My question, geared I suppose towards locals and those who visit in the late summertime is not about how you 'survive' the heat - but rather are there any particular drinking/culinary things particular to the late summer that you look forward to?

We will be visiting again this August, and while I have a preliminary idea of places we would like to visit again or for the first time, I am curious if there are any particular traditions that you have specific to this timeframe?

Most of the literature I have come across regarding summertime in New Orleans speaks mostly to how oppressive and unpleasant the weather is, and I somehow doubt that people who live there hide in their homes for 3 months - there must be some fun and interesting things food/drink/travel wise that occur only in this time of the year that people look forward to.

Thanks for your time,

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  1. Sure, there's tons of stuff in August. White and Dirty Linen Nights, Mid-Summer Mardi Gras, Satchmo Fest, Saints pre-season games...but the most appropriate for Chowhound is the August "Coolinary" menus offered at dozens of restaurants around town. The participating restaurants and menus for 2014 aren't up yet, but check back here:

    1. Apart fro uptown librarian's great points, I was going to remark that one of the opiates I use to get through August is the fact that crabmeat is great that time of year and redfish run well, too boot. We also have green peanuts for boiling but that is less of a NOLA food, even though there are some places that have put them on the menu to be different--even out of season.

      By and large August, for me, is noted for a spike in my laundry bill, trying to keep starched shirts at the ready.

      1. I love frozen Irish coffee from Molly’s in the summertime. A blueberry mojito from St. Joe’s is nice too. I think most people would steer you to Hanson’s Sno Blitz for a refreshing treat, but I’m not a big sno ball guy. We have a few good ice cream/gelato shops- Sucre, Creole Creamery, Angelo Brocato, La Divinia Gelateria.

        1. Two things. More time is spent at indoor attractions and outdoor patios in the daytime lose their charm.

          The other is time shifting. The time just before sunrise until maybe 8 AM can be beautiful. Then life returns after the sun goes down.

          While not hiding, the time shifting goes on for more like 5 months. And as mentioned the "unfriendly" summer gives us good hotel prices and easier restaurant access.