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Mar 27, 2014 08:30 PM

Fisherman's Pizzeria, S. F.'s Most Famous Pizza

When I was in the Fisherman's Wharf area this afternoon, I noticed the awning proclaiming "SF's Most Famous Pizza". The website for Fisherman's Pizzeria is a bit more modest, only claiming "Home of San Francisco Pizza". I'm wondering if anyone has tried the pizza here and can tell us if there's anything of note to back up the claim.

Fisherman's Pizzeria
2800 Leavenworth @Beach Street
Fisherman's Wharf
San Francisco, CA

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  1. Haven't tried their pizza so no comments about its merits, but it seems like the claim of "SF's Most Famous Pizza" could be a slight exaggeration.

    1. Native San Franciscan, lived here continuously since '96. Never heard of it. It's most definitely not SF's most famous pizza.

      1. They can get away with it since most of the people walking down that street are not from the city and wouldn't know any better. I doubt if "SF's most obscure pie" would have the same pull. ;)

        1. Reminds me of a story. 3 pizzerias on one street. The first said best pizza in the city. The second said best pizza in the world. The third with a line out the door said best pizza on the block.

          1. And here I always thought Go Getters Pizza was "the best in town". LOL


            (I used to laugh every time I drove by this sign)