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Mar 27, 2014 04:32 PM

Hong Kong boomerang - delicious and fun for small work dinner ?

Hi Hong Kong!

I'm so excited to be traveling back (lived in HK ~2011, visited 2012).

My restaurant knowledge is no longer up to date -- can the board advise on how to best use my calories?

I will be meeting with a small work group, who are from all over APAC and of all sorts of backgrounds, with big appetites and broad palates.

We'll be planning:
- 1 Sun dim sum
- 2-3 dinners around CWB

Our first priority is deliciousness, second priority is a fun atmosphere, third priority - convenience/work-appropriateness.

Some restaurants I remember enjoying:
Yu (lunch spot CWB)
Hong Zhou
Fu Sing
Sun Tung Lok (buns with preserved veg and pork belly)
Spring Deer (even though it's a tourist place, the braised mushrooms..)
Hotpot Instinct
San Xi Lou
Lippo Chiu Cho (crispy noodles and goose with vinegar and shallots)

Any suggestions on where food is especially fresh and delicious at this moment much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Hello Chloehk!

    This is a current 'parallel post' essentially asking the same question, that you might like to use as reference.

    My contributions include some great and new Shanghainese and High end Cantonese establishments opened up in 2012-2013 timeframe

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      @ Charles -- thank you!

      I perused that list but hoped you might have a special recommendation just for me ;-)

      1. re: chloehk

        Oops!! Sorry Chow-friend!! I was being LAZY! Ha!!

        Anyways, apart from the few new establishments mentioned by PhilD. The followings are a few new ones that had left a lasting and memorable impression after my chow experience there. Actually, its good that you asked for additional 'special treatment', since the ones I have in mind are mostly 'non-Cantonese'.

        - 'Hong Kong Cuisine' 1/F 2-4 Tsoi-Tak Street, Happy Valley.
        Good, refined execution and presentation. A
        pot-pouri of delicious regional dishes including some nice Sichuan and Shanghainese fare

        - 'Yu Lei' ( Michelin 1* ) 5/F, Harbour front. Landmark, Hung Hom.
        Innovative twist on Shanghai food. Good Cantonese Dim Sum and commendable assorted roast meats. The Roast Goose is comparable to Yung Kee past!! Crispy skin, moist juicy meat resting on gorgeous sauce.

        - A couple of new Michelin star Shanghainese to compete with Ye Shanghai!
        'Jardin de Jade', G/f Sun Hung Kai Centre, Wan Chai
        'Zhejiang Heen', 2-3F 300-306 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai
        Shanghai Smoked fish, Oil poached river shrimps, Tea Smoke Duck, pot-sticker buns.....are all nicely done. A reflection that most of the chefs had previous experience working in the famed Shanghai Fraternity Association!

        - 'Xin Dau Ji', Jordan, Sha-Tin and now a branch in CWB across from Times Square.
        If you are into wok-hay nostalgic Cantonese dishes like 'Stirred fry Goose intestines with Chinese preserved Mustard greens and Black bean sauce', Wok fried 'Cho Bak' salted fish, Almond Milk Pig's lung double-boiled soup...etc. Well! This is the place! The also offer awesome roasted suckling piglet in standard portion! Light, Crispy, crunchy skin. Price is much less expensive than say Fook Lam Moon.

        'Jor Lun Yau Lay', 1/F, Whampoa Gourmet Place, Wonderful world of Whampoa, Hung Hom.
        Opened by two of Hong Kong's most famous celebrity singers, this is my favorite and go-to place in Kowloon for great Cantonese noodles - Won Ton, Beef Brisket, Shredded pork Penny Hot sauce..etc. As good as any of the 'Mak's' or Tasty. Their stirred fry noodle dishes and Rice Congees are awesome too! The latter's pig's liver offering are soooo good!! Nothing remotely like that in North America!!

        Lastly, the famed 'Ho Hung Kee' has opened up a new place in Causeway Bay. Beware!! Its way over-priced and food a huge disappointment! Haven't a clue why Michelin gave it a star?!

        Hope the above will bring a smile to your face!! :D!!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          Hi Charles -- thank you so much! These are terrific. I just made a reservation at Zhe Jiang Heen. And I think Monday night I am just with two colleagues, so we may try Jor Lun Yau Lay. I wish we had more time...

          Thank you again!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              Very belatedly...

              I quickly lost stewardship of our eating and was shepherded around to many folks-from-outta-town restaurants -- including a very tasty meal at Peking Garden at Alexandra House, happily.

              BUT we did make it to Zhejiang Heen, where, after trying the smoked fish, my boss declared that I'd earned my salary that day (ahem - *that* day?). Also, a pork belly and squid dish there was wonderful. And the jellyfish-delish!

              Sadly, my own choice to go back to Sun Tung Lok, where I had some excellent meals three years ago--was an expensive disappointment. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't anything to write home about and at 3x the price of regular dim sum (in this case), it was not fun.

              Wish that I had the chance to try more of your suggestions!

              1. re: chloehk

                Peking Garden still serves up, IMO, the *best* Peking duck in all of Hong Kong.

    2. Hi Chloe - I think the local food scene in HK hasn't changed much since you left - especially in CWB. Seventh Son (Wanchai) is the new one that got a lot of attention but all the old standards are still rated (although high rents have seen some closures). There are some new ones in Central like Duddells and Mott32 which are getting good press (but which new opening doesn't). And believe it or not a Sydney chef (Jowett Yu) is opening a new modern Chinese restaurant soon called Ho Lee Fook - and its not April the first until next week!

      Most of the openings are not Chinese with Spanish tapas and French places being at the forefront. Catalunya in Morrison Hill is fun and buzzy (was a tricky reservation) but Spanish. Star Street and Ship Streets are getting really buzzy with new places - especially Jason Athertons tapas places.

      The best food action though is towards the west of SOHO through Sheung Wan, to Sai Ying Pun and even Kennedy Town (new MTR extension to open soon). Which maybe too much of a hike from CWB (but rents are far cheaper than CWB).

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      1. re: PhilD

        Hi Phil,

        Hope you are well!

        Now I'm interested to try the new stuff. Here's my short list:
        - Seventh Son
        - Guo Fu Lou
        - Ho Lee Fook
        - Yu Chuan Club 渝川菜館

        I'm cross-referencing Chowhound with Peech's blog.

        I'm now based in NYC so no need to eat Western in HK. But if you have any other HK favorites to recommend, send 'em my way.

        Thanks again!