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Mar 27, 2014 02:55 PM

Empress Harbor or ??? for 17 people in SGV

Hi all, I'm new to LA (just moved from NY) and am trying to find a good place for 17 people to have dinner in the San Gabriel Valley. I would love to go to Sea Harbor and eat geoduck sashimi, etc., but most of the people in our group are not adventurous eaters and I got the sense that Sea Harbor really shines in their seafood dishes. Judging by past, sort of old posts, it seems like Empress Harbor might be a good bet for solid food where some of us could eat plenty of seafood and others could get some less unusual dishes. But if you have any other suggestions, I'd be very grateful!

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    1. 888 or Capital Seafood would both work.

      1. Empress Harbor will do fine.

        King Hua in Alhambra is also a good option, 'cuz you can walk over to Fosselman's for lychee or taro ice cream afterwards.

        1. Empress Harbor is where Pa-in-law would take the family for dim sum for many years, but converted to 888 after we took him there and he found it was cheaper. I thought EH had gotten a bit stale anyway. Then a few years ago we met an Asian couple at EH, apparently under new management, and there was some new life to the food. Most astonishing was that the new owners, a man and his wife, came to our table and introduced themselves, asking how everything was, a far cry from the standoffish attitude the old regime had shown.