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Mar 27, 2014 01:44 PM

Breakfast in Saratoga Springs

We are looking for suggestions for breakfast on a Sunday Morning in May. We like creative cuisine, excellent food . Any suggestions very much appreciative!

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  1. Creative breakfast cuisine in May may be a problem in Saratoga. Most of our breakfast options off summer season, or track season, are pretty standard diner options.
    There are a number of posters for Saratoga who may want to chime in on this one. One of the more interesting breakfast options last season was at Scallions, but not sure whether they will be offering it as early as May. Mrs. London's may also be in breakfast mode in May. They are very innovative.

    1. we like the country corner cafe. very informal but it has some interesting choices. i like the crab cake benedict. there's always a bit of a wait.

      1. We used to love Beverly's on Phila Street. It moved a couple years ago to Ballston Spa. Can anyone report on the new spot?

        1. For creative, I'd be at Max London's when they open at 11 for Sunday brunch, not before. Or I'd be at Park Side Eatery, which opens on Sundays at 9. Good morning Cafe in Ballston Spa, ten minutes down Rt. 50, has wonderful breakfasts (that's basically all they have). Giant omelets, interesting pancakes. Gets crowded, for good reason.

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            I knew the Saratoga posters would come through. Thanks for the lead to Park Side Eatery. Have had some stuff from there in the afternoon, but didn't know they did mornings. Thanks

          2. Second Mrs. London's (French pastries, etc.) and Max London's (brunch Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11-3).


            Add Ravenous (their hours change) and Sperry's (brunch 11-2:30).



            Brunch at the Gideon Putnam. I have not been but hear good things. Hopefully hounds with recent experiences will chime in.


            The Mouzon House. Brunch. I've only been once. Service was relaxed. SO went recently for dinner.


            If you have a car and are open to outside of town, B. Spa's The Iron Roost and The Whistling Kettle. Crazy Cow (I've only been for lunch, haven't tried their breakfast yet), not too far from Good Morning Cafe. Historic Round Lake Village's Leah's Cakery.



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              Those are good suggestions. I'd add Fifty South (breakfast on Sundays only, but very good), and I'd subtract Gideon Putnam. When I first came to the area sometime toward the middle of the last century, that was the place to go, for brunch and jazz, but it's been a long time since it was anything except tired. Great space, though.

              I haven't been to Beverly's, since it moved to Ballston Spa. It used to be an excellent place for breakfast in Saratoga, service problems aside; the menu posted on FB looks good. Might be right for the OP, although the OP seems to have a lot of choices.

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                  The Crazy Cow has been replaced by the Local 388 Burger Bar.
                  and Facebook:

                  Their commitment on Facebook to serve "grass fed USDA Prime Angus beef burgers. We use locally sourced produce, cheeses and bakeries for our delicious burgers, hand cut french fries, cool & crunchy salads...even our house ketchup" sounds promising.

                  I think they've only been open about a month.

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                    Roger K, I started a Local 388 Burger thread.

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                      Very good. Thank you. btw, I was just reading about S. Barnes saying another burger place coming to Latham.