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Mar 27, 2014 01:41 PM

BBQ Hounds: Check out Burnt to a Crisp Truck. Need your expert opinion.

I've been hitting up this BBQ joint for the past couple of weeks because, well, they're awesome.

They advertise themselves as "TX style" bbq - lots of brisket, some pulled pork & sausage. I've had the CCF twice now (once with chopped brisket) and the brisket sandwich and man is that brisket tasty.

The CCF ($8, +$2 for chopped brisket) is fucking HUGE. First time I tried to attack it myself, it looked like I barely touched it. I went again and tried to attack it with the wifey, and it STILL looked like we barely touched it. Bigger (and better, imo) than Hat's PCCF, and I loooooove Hat's PCCF. Maybe it's the jalapenos.

The brisket sandwich itself ($10) was also glorious; never had a brisket sandwich this way before (onions/pickles), reminded me of a legit McRib. By buying the sandwhich I was really able to sample the meat - very well seasoned w/o being too salty, with incredible smoke flavor.

As I am not a BBQ expert, I cannot compare this to the other heavy hitters (BM, Bludsos, Horse Thief). I will say however that it is the best brisket I've had in SoCal, based on my admittedly small sample.

I am posting this so that maybe one of you more knowledgeable hounds might try it out and report back. Super nice dudes as well.

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  1. Looks great.
    Horse thief is no heavy hitter. They suck and you get like two-three dominos worth of their non-smoky meat for a pile of money.

        1. re: Ipso Facto

          CCF = chili cheese fries
          PCCF = pastrami chili cheese fries

          1. re: ns1

            Hmmm. Yeah. I was wondering what ppcf meant too.

          1. re: Servorg

            This truck sets up on the S/E corner of Wilshire and Barrington? I guess on the lot where the big 7-11 and longtime Baskin-Robbins are? Awesome.

            Chili has beans!?! At a Texas-style place? Not awesome...

            1. re: nosh

              Yes, there are some beans but not a lot. I did not mind them in my chili (I'm usually a no beans kinda guy). I did not particularly care for their baked beans.

          2. I know one of you suckas went cuz they told me one of you went cuz of this post. So how was it? Lol

            1. 1) would they slice the brisket 3x as thick?
              2) do they do anything but studio town/NoHo and... wherever the hell that other BFE westside stop is?

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              1. re: TonyC

                Probably. They seem nice enough. Ask them on twitter.

                1. re: TonyC

                  Just spoke to them:

                  Yes they will slice the brisket thicker on request. They will also start doing more runs on the west side/hollywood.