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DTLA - List of Goodies?

I have tomorrow off from work and was thinking of spending the day in DTLA walking around for bites and nibbles and to revisit some areas that have improved over the past year or so to kind of, re-familiarize myself with the new additions.

I don't exactly know what I'm going to do or where I'm going to go, but that's half the fun. Just explore and stuff my face.

I'm trying to put together a list of hot spots in the area to possibly visit, but I can't help but think that there may be some essentials I'm missing...so I turn to Chowhound. Help me out...or should I say...help me put on a few pounds!

So far, some points of interest are:

Grand Central Market - Eggslut, BelCampo, DTLA Cheese, Horse Theif, etc.
Baco Mercat/Bar Ama?
The Gorbals (possibly for dinner-enjoyed there before)
Fig at 7th?
Peddler's Creamery
Last Bookstore
Pershing Square?

Think it's worth my time?

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  1. Stumptown Coffee at 806 S. Santa Fe.

    Depending on the weather, try a double espresso or an iced coffee. This is coffee unlike all the others!


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    1. re: liu

      How is it unlike all the others?

      G&B at Grand Central market makes by far the best cold brewed coffee (they have a very expensive ice machine that produces cocktail-grade ice cubes for it). They also have a hops-infused, carbonated oolong tea as a palette cleanser for their espresso.

      If you want to really try coffee "unlike all the others", you go to G&B.

      1. re: BacoMan

        Stumptown is very good. I don't have the instruction manual on their brewing processes but I would give it a try before shutting down the recommendation.

    2. If you like a good Bloody Mary, then you need to go to Cole's French Dip on 6th for brunch.

      I really like their sandwiches, but the bloodies are outstanding. I THINK they stop serving them at 3 in the afternoon, but you may want to check. If you get there late, though, they make great cocktails (try the Old Fashioned) at the classic bar.

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        They also do a good version of The Last Word.

      2. Friday from 9-2, Guerrilla Tacos are parked next to Handsome coffee in the Arts district. You can order and eat outside or they will deliver inside handsome coffee. J Gold said one of their tacos (they change them up) was one of his 10 best bites of 2013. They are really delicious and unique.

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          The morels quesudila with Oxacan cheese and a mildly spicey chipotle sauce was downright exceptional.

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            Go towards the early part of the timeframe as opposed to the later. They run out of quite a few things.

          2. Go to Sushi Zo.

            Grab a cronut from Frances.

            Have a slut. I would. :)

            Take a perfectly pulled espresso from g and b. and one of those fancey donuts too.

            Sit at the bar at Morton's and have a prime 13oz double cheddar cheeseburger topped with sautéed mushrooms and caramelized onions and a couple martinis and a chocolate mousse for dessert.

            Visit Paul's Kitchen like you were visiting a bona fide museum.

            Stop by Sams Hofbrau.

            Fish tacos with Ricky.

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            1. re: kevin

              What's G and B? Where you get the espresso.

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                Kevin... Ricky's is no longer in the downtown area, he is back in East Hollywood in the old location …but you will be minutes away from Langer's Pastrami Heaven.

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                  Sam's Hofbrau? Seriously, a stripper bar?

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                      Might as well hit up the rhino dude

                      1. re: jessejames

                        But this is supposed to be downtown centric right ????

                        Oh. Eastide Deli too.

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                          Yes to the Eastside Deli and their DA special...

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                            Lap dance ?????

                            Is that a new dish ?????

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                      Fantastic burger bunker 2 floors under. No cell phone coverage needed. Try beer instead.

                    3. Peking Tavern
                      Little Tokyo: Marugame Monzo (udon specialist)
                      Chinatown: Scoops (ice cream)

                      If memory serves, Ricky's Tacos is now back in the area next to Childrens Hospital LA (near Hollywood, on Virgil), and no longer in Chinatown.

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                      1. re: J.L.

                        Is Scoops still in a soft opening phase? I was there last Friday expecting them to open at noon with no luck.

                      2. Arts District
                        - Church & State - great bistro food
                        - Factory Kitchen - Italian
                        - Coffee - Handsome & Stumptown
                        - Urth - breakfast
                        - Pie Hole - pies....
                        - LA fish company - go early before 10 and check out a wholesale fish retailer. You'll smell though after...

                        - Q (sushi) - very good but expensive sushi
                        - bronzed Aussie - meat pies

                        1. Wow, what a day.

                          Woke up early and hit the local farmer’s market for some fruit. My girlfriend and I stopped at one of the food carts and got some ridiculously good papusas. One with chicken and queso, and one with pork, queso, beans, and roasted jalapenos.

                          We then headed to DTLA.

                          Grand Central Market:

                          Eggslut was busy. They had a line around the stall, although I understand as it was peak lunch hour, I couldn’t justify waiting for such a period of time for an egg sandwich.
                          Let’s keep walking around.

                          Belcamp Meat Co. – Really nice stall. Beautiful cuts of meat and preparations. I was tempted by the lardo, but thought it would melt throughout the day. I had the Belcampo cheeseburger and a coke. Righteous burger. Perfect medium-rare. Very light. I could have easily eaten 2-3 more of them.

                          DTLA Cheese - Nice people. Very helpful. I had some bites and tastes of different cheeses before settling on ½ lb of fiore sardo and 1 pound of gooey triple cream brie. They neatly wrapped everything up in gel ice packs for me. Awesome.

                          G and B – Had a single espresso. Good shit. Thick, rich crema. Kinda pricey, but a nice splurge.

                          Horse Theif - Ordered ¼ lb each of the brisket and pulled pork with some pickles, onions, and white bread. That brisket is phenomenal. So fall apart tender with a rich fattiness. Just the right amount of smoke.

                          Roamed around the Last Bookstore for a while. Some interesting finds and old school feel. Definitely want to go back for a more thorough look-through.

                          Then we went to Baco Mercat for “lunch”. I had never been before, but I dug the atmosphere. It was a beautiful day out on the patio. Started with the eggplant/ricotta stuffed tempura squash blossoms. Good balance of sweet, salty, and smokey.
                          Then we had the spring pea and burrata salad and an original pork/beef baco with a couple of their sodas. That pork belly was soooo good and fatty. The sauce had a nice citrus kick to it that I liked, but I was getting full.

                          We departed Baco Mercat and walked down the street to Peddler’s Creamery. Tried everything in the case, then settled on a scoop of their chocolate orange and a scoop of their lavender ice cream. The flavors were good and it was very creamy. Nice and refreshing.

                          Then after wandering around the next few blocks we headed to The Bronzed Aussie (not easy to find) and got the classic ground beef and gravy pie. It was good but I was hitting my limit. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I had more of an appetite, but I was past the line and did what damage I could. Worth going back and checking out again for sure.

                          I had planned to hang around DT a while longer so grab some dinner, but after everything I ate over the past 4 hours or so, I couldn’t phathom another sit-down meal, so we headed home…reminiscing about that Belcampo burger and Horse Theif’s brisket being the standouts for the day.

                          All in all, a good day. Now I’m wondering which neighborhood I should hit up next.

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                              1. re: Novelli

                                Great work! And thanks for reporting back!