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Mar 27, 2014 12:12 PM

Pepper steak for Friday night?

I bought a package of pepper steak and would like to cook it ahead of time, preferably in the slow cooker. I googled "pepper steak in the slow cooker" but the steaks in the ingredient lists are flank. The steak that I bought today is labeled "kosher beef pepper steak/shoulder". Can I use this cut in place of flank? If not, does anyone have a recipe for pepper steak that can be prepped in advance?

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  1. DON'T DO IT!!!!

    Shoulder steak is extremely lean and is NOT suited to braising/slow cooking. Not enough internal fats and collagen.

    Shoulder steak is made to be broiled and sliced on an angle or cut in thin strips and quickly stir fried on high heat.

    What you propose will be tough and virtually inedible.

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      What would you think of marinating it in a sauce, then cooking it at high heat, then keeping it warm in a slow cooker with more sauce?

      1. re: follick

        Not much...............
        One doesn't usually marinate shoulder steak. It is too dense to do anything. If you cut the thin slices for stir fry or fajitas then a 15 minute quick liquid marinade works.

        This meat is not meant to be held in liquid for period of time in a sllow cooker.
        That's why the word "BROIL" is in London Broil, the common marketplace name for shoulder steak.

    2. Remember that red and yellow peppers can take a long simmer beautifully, but green peppers turn bitter when kept warm.