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Mar 27, 2014 11:44 AM

All you want from the dinner / sushi / desert menu 27 bucks a head

Anyone been to Sushi Junai downtown?? - a couple students in my lab say it's great (such a good value it seemed to them like a joke), run by koreans, all you can eat of everything for 27 bucks. The salmon collar sounds fun. It's also BYOB with a twin liquors right next door. can't find an online menu.

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  1. this actually sounds like a prime candidate for the CH Austin Meetup.

    Can try a wide variety
    No issues with splitting up checks

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      would be an adventurous meet up! could suck, but for that price it would be hard to care too much. The grad student that recommended it to me took his lady there last night for the second time in 5 nights. spoke highly of all they ate - especially the tempura (shrimp, veg, etc.).

    2. Went there about two weeks ago.
      If it were a regular sushi place, it would be middle of the pack.
      As an all you can eat sushi place, the sushi is much better than I expected.
      Had lots of nigiri, a little bit of rolls. It's straightforward nigiri most of the time - nothing unusual.

      Service was very slow. Plan for a two hour meal.

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      1. re: zman13

        I'd still be up for it,especially since it is byob

      2. I stopped in there at 3 pm today (saturday) to check the menu because I can't eat a crap ton of carbs and wanted to make sure I could hang . . . I was in there for about 120 seconds long enough to grab a paper menu and leave and my lady and I laughed at how much I stunk of dank fryer oil when I hit the car. I mean I am still game at that price point, but would like to hear if you, zman13 had that impression too. Danky smells and sushi are generally mutual exclusives in my book. maybe my grad students are more forgiving.

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          1. re: TroyTempest

            Is this a deal killer? I liked the idea of tempura, plus sushi. Maybe the tempura oil was the culprit.

            1. re: rudeboy

              no. I'd still be game. probably should have said maybe this changes things things

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                I'm still game - I'll take some tempura oil if the deal is this good and the food is even decent. I'll try and scan the menu I snagged and post later today - there's a lot there. the fish collars are the most intriguing to me (salmon, yellowtail). I can swing a tuesday or thursday dinner or lunch any day of the week this week or a dinner / lunch any day Mon thru Thursday of next week if anyone else is game. the lunch deal is apparently less than the whole menu, but 7 bucks cheaper.

                For hilariousness sake, I read on yelp someone eluding to the fact that if you start not eating what you order they will increase your 26.99 fee by some measure. Me and the lady may have to go Tuesday no matter, so if no one's free we'll report back and welcome another visit if it's even reasonable.

                1. re: slowcoooked

                  The lunch menu is cheaper but doesn't include nigiri sushi. This note is on the menu but easily overlooked.

                  If you want nigiri at lunch, they will charge the dinner price.

                  If they are/start charging for leftover sushi, I wonder if the bathroom trashcans will start filling up with unwanted sushi.

            2. re: slowcoooked

              I don't remember any bad smells, but I also haven't been smelling much for the past two weeks due to allergies.

              It's a small place, so any bad smells could quickly permeate the entire restaurant.