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Mar 27, 2014 11:41 AM

Avon, CO restaurant ideas

looking for recommendations. We like wood fired pizza or any thing well made esp if dollar friendly and decent atmosphere. Is Minturn saloon still worth the drive? Is Beau Jos in Idaho Springs worth a stop on the way back to the airport?

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  1. My guess is you have a car if you are asking about Beau Jo’s in Idaho Springs. What BJ’s puts out is not pizza to me.

    And I’ve listed the 4 towns in a 10 mile stretch along I 70 with Avon in the middle. When you get here take a look at the Vail Daily to see what may be interesting to you.

    Edwards – Juniper, Dish & Zino’s, all good with Zino’s having a brick pizza oven
    Minturn - The Saloon, other than the quail, the food is ???, but the atmosphere fun
    Eagle Vail - Ti Amo in good local place, but Zino’s is better
    - Northside for breakfast & lunch, very crowded until 10:30 am
    - Avon Bakery great sandwiches and breakfast burrito, 1 sand for 2 people
    - Vin 48 is now my go to place…bar area has good energy
    - FOOD! by Marc ( private chef with small café…when he is there the food is good and fun to discuss food and wine
    - Westin (Maya) avoid…$$$ and nothing special
    - Mirabelle – Very nice and romantic
    - Box Car – Opening soon, could be good

    1. I agree with BlueOx's comments about Beau Jo's. It is just about as far from wood-fired pizza as you can get. If you are headed back to the airport and want pizza, you could stop at Exit 262 (Denver West) and try Pieology just outside Colorado Mills. It opened a few months ago and we love it. Think Chipotle, but pizza. Pizzas cook in less than 5 minutes and are priced at less than $10 each. Not much on atomosphere, though.

      1. Thanks for the comments. Had dinner at Bob's Sportsbar, pretty good burgers and mexican, place was busy, easy walk from the condo. Enjoyed Vin 48 happy hr and small plates, again, very busy, but it is a ski season weekend. Skipped BeauJos and went to Pieology where the fast order take on fresh thin crust hit the spot for some hungry skiers on the way back to the airport. Might not have been as happy at dinner with out the liquor license. Appreciate the advice.