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Mar 27, 2014 11:39 AM

outdoor refrigerators- Toronto area

You'd think in this modern age of petroleum automobiles and television dinners and, y'know, Google, that it'd be easy to track down a place to buy a small, outdoor-rated fridge to go on one's back deck.

Not Costco, not Canadian Tire, not Nella- can't find nothing.

Any of you Smart People in The Magical Land of Teh Intrawebs know where I might be able to pick up something suited to my needs?

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    1. re: pourboi

      I googled outdoor refrigerator Toronto and came up with nothing.

      But that's kinda what I was looking for. Ideally, it wouldn't have the marble top (I think the modulars look like ass and are far too snooty for my plebian tastes), but it's a good start. Thanks, PB.

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      1. have you seen the weather? the whole country is one big outdoor refrigerator. so you shouldn't have a problem.

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        1. re: barnes1852

          I don't think BGM plans to use it now

          It is worth pointing out that these things are not designed for winter use.

          Things like outdoor rated vending machines have both chillers and heaters in them to keep the product inside from freezing in sub zero temperatures.

          1. re: bytepusher

            That simultaneously totally makes sense and is not something I had ever thought of. I am officially counting that as the one new thing I have learned today.

          2. Heres an outdoor refrigerator...don't know if this helps...

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            1. re: porker


              You'll be pleased to hear that along with festooning my soon-to-be-constructed back deck with an outdoor fridge (my place doesn't have a door direct from the kitchen to the backyard, making the putting of a fridge back there pretty convenient from a cooking/hosting perspective), I'm also looking to get a crappy POS old clunker of a fridge for my garage, pull the sucker apart and turn it into a curing chamber.

              Bought Ruhlman's Salume a while back, put it down for months, and now I'm looking at it again, enviously. Dry-curing is my next logical kitchen progression, and I'll tell ya- can't wait to start.

            2. I think maybe you limited your search too much by googling "outdoor fridge Toronto". What I suggest you do is find manufactur's of outdoor fridges and then contact the manufacturer/check their website to see if they have Canadian distribution. I just did a search and came across this company that make's an outdoor fridge and has distributors in Ontario:
              The fridge:


              Now it is possible those companies don't carry the actual fridge.

              In general, I would say contact some of the larger BBQ distibutors too, like Ontario Gas BBQ as it seems like something that would line up with their business model or they can at least put you in the right direction.