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Mar 27, 2014 11:22 AM

Dinner in Bucks County/NE

Hi all,
I'm looking for a new restaurant to try in Lower Bucks/Upper NE. I don't mind New Hope/Lambertville either.

It's for a birthday around 12-15 people. BYOB would be nice, but not mandatory.

Is there anything new that opened up recently and would be good for groups?

Budget is not an issue.

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  1. Just north of New Hope/Lambertville in Rosemont, NJ is a great restaurant from Matt Ridgeway, The Pass.

    Small but great menu, including the wonderful charcuterie from Matt's PorcSalt company.

    In Doylestown, Quinoa from the folks who own El Tulle in Lambertville recently opened. BYO Mexican/Peruvian. You could accommodate your party at either place.

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    1. re: cwdonald

      The Pass is killer, but it might be hard to get a reservation that big. It is small, and seems to be very popular.

    2. Not sure either of these qualify as "new," but may be new to you:

      You don't specify a budget. Charcoal in Yardley is really good, but can get a little pricey depending what you order -- small plates vs. mains, etc. It is BYOB. I don't see why they couldn't accommodate a group that size if you reserved in advance.

      Samarkand (Uzbek restaurant) in Feasterville could be fun and a good value. The food is different and delicious, lends itself to sharing and the atmosphere can certainly be "festive." It is also BYOB.

      1. With enough notice, you could probably book your party at one of several of the better Bucks County restaurants. I agree with cwdonald that The Pass is just about the best thing to come along in years. You can reserve on Open Table, although probably not for a party that size. A call to the restaurant might yield success on that count.

        D'Floret in Lambertville is another relatively new restaurant where Chef Dennis Foy is doing some nice things. The room is small, maybe 30 covers in total.

        I've had private events at Hamilton's Grill Room, an old-timer by any measure of Bucks/Hunterdon longevity, but always tasty.

        Had my first visit to Il Melograno in Doylestown and was very impressed. Odd to find such a good place in a strip mall.

        Agree, also, that Quinoa is probably a great choice, based upon my experiences at Il Tule.

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        1. re: famdoc

          Hamilton's is definitely a great place. Not new but still good, as well as my favorite, Blue Sage in Southampton!

          1. re: littlecmad

            Love Hamilton's Grill Room and yes definitely not new. Our latest on Blue Sage has gone from years of "good and a favorite" to maybe we should " try it again sometime soon" While some of our favorite staff have gone, the most important thing is the food which recently has been disappointing . We would love to find it was just a blip at Blue Sage,

        2. Just had my first visit to Genevieve's Kitchen in Doylestown, which, at 11 weeks old, qualifies as "new". Here's my review:

          The rear dining room seats about 12-15. You could probably book it a few days in advance.

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          1. Calebs, Lahaska. Inn at Barley Sheaf, Lahaska. New owners, image, ambience.

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            1. re: GoldBucks

              My first dinner experience at Caleb's was not spectacular:

              Perhaps I should give it another try.

              But, I've passed the sign outside of Barley Sheaf advertising its new dinner menu, so I'm anxious to hear from others their experiences.


              Got to say, if you're going to charge $32-33 for fish entrees, it ought to be incredible. Perhaps those prices are the new normal for seafood, but they remind me of NYC/Philly prices.