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Mar 27, 2014 10:37 AM

Headed to Santa Fe -- suggestions?

Hi! My family and I are visiting Santa Fe over spring break next week. My 11 year old is a vegetarian/fish/dairy... Any suggestions for great places to eat while we're there? Staying near the Plaza the first few days then will be near the Opera.

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  1. Between Santa Fe's tourism industry and the affluent local demographics, your 11 year old's dietary restrictions shouldn't be much of an impediment at all.

    Green and red chile sauces are a major element of New Mexican cooking, and you should know that some places use vegetarian recipes while others don't (a lard roux is still a popular way to start). Given that I'm an omnivore I don't have a good list of places that do vegetarian chile bases, maybe others can chime in.

    Beyond that, I'd really just do a board search for Santa Fe and see what strikes your fancy. Some interesting places you might check out, a board search will yield info aplenty on all of them:

    * La Boca/Taberna
    * Plaza Cafe (Southside only!)
    * La Choza/the Shed
    * Tecolote Cafe
    * Joseph's of Santa Fe
    * Izanami
    * Santa Fe Bite
    * Dr. Field Goods
    * Iconik Coffee

    1. Finlero's right. Most places in Santa Fe can accommodate a pescatarian easily. If your child doesn't eat eggs, it might be a little trickier, but most places will still have something.

      Chile, beans and sopapillas are the three things you have to ask about carefully at New Mexican cuisine restaurants. A lot of servers here seem unaware that lard is an animal product. I'm fairly sure the red chile at The Shed and La Choza is meat-free.

      Some other places that are good for vegetarians and pescatarians are:

      >> Jambo Cafe - African/Caribbean (owner is very conscious of what constitutes vegan, vegetarian, etc)
      >> Cafe Pasqual (Southwestern)
      >> Treehouse Pastry Shop and Cafe (all veg, locally grown food plus eggs/dairy)
      >> Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen - natural foods w/ lots of veg options
      >> Counter Culture Cafe - good breakfasts and spinach enchiladas