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Mar 27, 2014 09:01 AM

Looking for some food advice for April trip

Hi, 'hounders! Heading west to Arizona (Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona, Hopiland, Page, and GC) with my husband and 7 year old son from NYC. I will not leave Phoenix until I've had Pizzeria Bianco, but am wondering what else is "can't miss"? Looking for good (veg-friendly) Mexican food, in particular. We're going to a Suns game and seeing the Diamondbacks play our hometown Mets, so those 2 evenings will likely be stadium chow. So far, we have reservations at Don & Charlie's in Scottsdale (my kid loves steak and sports) and Shurgrues (sp?) in Sedona, b/c it looked like it had interesting veg choices. We have 2 nights in Scottsdale, 2 in Sedona, 1 in Page, 1 in Hopiland (cultural center) and 2 at the GC.
thanks in advance for recommendations and wisdom!

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  1. Great question! I'm going to AZ in April too, so hope you don't mind me tagging onto your thread! :-)

    I'm looking for recs in Sedona and Scottsdale too, also further east such as Mesa and Apache Junction area. No special dietary preferences, just good quality/quantity for reasonable prices. Thanks!

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    1. Nooooo, don't resort to stadium food! Since you really want to go to Pizzeria Bianco, it is within walking distance of the stadiums where you will attend baseball and basketball games. Another much better alternative to stadium food is the Japanese restaurant Nobuo, just across the Heritage Square walkway from Bianco .

      1. Me too! We are going to Sedona, Grand Canyon and Scottsdale. This is our first trip to Arizona and I would appreciate any advice! Much thanks

        1. I'm a San Diego native but go to PHX/Sedona many times through the year.

          I'll be in Scottsdale in a couple of weeks and we like to hit up Carolina's for divey Mex or Los Dos Molinas in Mesa for damn good Southwest/Mex.

          House of Tricks is fab in Tempe..along with Casey Moore's for drink and app's in the patio area.

          Sedona, Elote Café is incredible and I would get there right when it opens and drink blood orange marg's and the Elote app is sublime..2+ hour wait..

          Reds for happy hour and Wildflower Bread Company for breakfast/lunch.
          Coffee Pot for omelets and Mex breakfast, we like Oaxaca.

          Have fun!

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            thanks so much, Beach Chick! We're planning to hit Elote on Sat. right at opening, post-Pink Jeep Tour!

          2. Virtu and the Local just opened in downtown Phoenix!