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Mar 27, 2014 08:41 AM

What's going on with the new format in which topics are displayed?

There seems to be no rhyme or reason whatsoever. Topics that I've just posted in dissapear and can no longer be found (has occurred on several ocassions) and other topics that I've posted in days ago are present on the first page, while topics that I've posted in an hour ago are missing. I don't understand how the site has been revamped but I find the new format of the boards to be extremely frustrating and not user friendly at all.

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  1. I haven't experienced anything like what you're describing, but you might want to click on the "last reply" button, located just below the "start a new discussion" box on the right hand side of any Board, and see if that helps?

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      Thanks for the suggestion,

      I just tried that and it didn't fix the problem.

      An example: I posted on the SF board approx. 12 hours ago (according to the search I just plugged) in a topic about Cantonese style lobster.

      Despite my last post being 12 hours ago... the topic is nowhere tobe found on page 1 of the SF board. Instead, I'm seeing topics at the bottom of the first page, where the last post was March 19.

      The order on the very first page of the SF board jumps from (according to "last posts"): 2d, a couple of March 23, March 24, 1d, several March 23 again, 1d, etc!

      There is no order at all. Furthermore, it seems that topics which are "trending" (is that even really necessary to have such a redundant subsection?? If there are many replies, it will show up at the top of the page) disappear from the main section of the board.

      I don't know if I accidentally clicked something which screwed up the order of the SF forum for me (the Japan board seems to be functioning normally) but I'm finding this to be really aggravating and have been dissuaded from visiting or participating more in discussions as a result. I would really appreciate it if someone could either clue me in on how to resolve this or confirm whether it's an issue with the SF board in general.


      1. re: OliverB

        While the problem stills exists and my description above is accurate... I just realized I was actually on page 2 when I listed the order of topics on the SF board.

        Here's what I'm seeing for page 1, starting at the top of the page and sorted by "last post":

        16h, 2h, 13h, 13h, 17h, 15h, 1d, 22h, 2h, 10h, 9h, 14h, 24h, 2d, 2d, 1d, etc.

        Hopefully this illustrates my point. I don't understand how the heck topics are ordered, but it makes it nearly impossible to follow any threads, take part in any discourse, or even ask questions and be able to follow-up on them without coming across as rude or impolite for not being more involved in discussion. Basically, the SF board is currently unusable for me without a lot of effort and time spent witht he search function.

        1. re: OliverB

          Maybe sign out and back in again and make sure your default is last reply.

          1. re: c oliver

            I'll give that a shot... but this Site Talk board seems to be functioning properly, as does Japan which I've been posting on regularly this past week. This seems to be an isolated issue with the SF board for me and it's something that I've started noticing several weeks ago. I am certain I've signed in and out since. Anyhow, it's worth trying but I doubt that's the solution...

          2. re: OliverB

            Looks like your browser is stuck on sort by 'date started'. Is 'last post' column highlighted (red)?

            I'm having trouble switching the sorting - except on the profile pages.

            1. re: paulj

              Thanks paul,

              I think that's the problem too! I just deleted the SF board from my favorites, logged out, cleared my cache, restarted my browser, re-clicked on the "last reply" tab, and things seem to be back to normal. I've done this before however, so hopefully it doesn't revert back again, but if it does, at least I know what to do about it! I'm using whatever the latest version of Firefox is btw.

              Anyhow, thanks for all of the suggestions and help! I wonder why only the SF board would have been affected though?