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Mar 27, 2014 07:31 AM

Alternative uese for Egg Poaching Insert

I have 2 pans that came with these egg poaching inserts - similar to the pic below - with little stainless steel cups suspended in a ss ring

While I have found the little ss cups invaluable as mise en place bowls for herbs, oils and other small qty ingredients I cannot imagine a use for them as intended (poached eggs are not my thing)

is there some other creative use here - something else I could make in them that would benefit from cooking in a small bowl suspended above boiling water? they are small servings so I can only imagine a really rich dessert of some sort


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  1. As you noted, tiny double boiler for melting chocolate/butter.

    No reason you couldn't make a custard on the stove either.

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    1. re: ferret

      I have thought of wee custard cups - guess if I ever needed small individual portions of melted butter - I have 10 cups total

    2. No clue about the cups but I recently made a recipe that called for steaming asparagus upright in a sauce pan. Worked great but my bundle kept falling over. The insert with holes would be great for keeping them upright.

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      1. re: tcamp

        Interesting - I never thought of using the tray sans cups as a stand - a whole other dimension... hmmm

      2. When I make meatloaf or other casserole type dishes, I sometimes put the mixture into muffin tins to cook in the oven, which cuts down the cooking time and makes it easy to freeze leftovers in individual portions. I imagine that you could do something similar with steamed recipes in your egg poaching pan. (I will have to say that all my smallest mise en place bowls get a real workout when my daughter is visiting with her little ones, and I would bet that if you ever have to feed preschoolers, these small cups would be about right for serving sizes.)

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        1. re: texanfrench

          lol yes they would be perfect serving sizes for tiny ones.

          I am trying to imagine some sort of amuse bouche that would benefit from setting over steam - like a single large shrimp suspended in something or a savory custard of some kind

        2. steamed savory custards
          bread puddings
          chocolate mousse
          use the whole "kit" as a water bath for baking crustless cheesecake
          tiny paella or bouillabaise