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Mar 27, 2014 07:15 AM

Piola in Chapel Hill Closed

Never went so I don't know that I was missing anything. I wonder what will go into that spot. Hopefully something unique and local (and good).

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  1. I remember a couple of weeks back missing pizza and trying to figure out where to go to have some with Lulu. I looked at the website for this place and the pizza looked pretty grim (and you have to assume that they're putting up the nicest photos, right?) to me. I agree - something unique and local would be wonderful.

    I miss Panzanella.

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      Actually, I really liked their pizza. Having lived in Rome for several periods of months at a time, Piola's pizza was the closest to Roman style, as opposed to Neopolitan style, pizza I've found in the US. Having grown up in the NYC-Philly area, where Italian meant southern Italian/Sicilian family connections (the Milanese hardly immigrated in large numbers to the US!), most pizza I've known is a variant of the paradigmatic Naples pie -- even the "thin" NY style that "folds" is more Naples than Rome.

      All of which is to say that I miss Piola, but Raleigh's Piola is too far to go for lunch.

      1. re: walras

        I probably shouldn't have commented on the place without having tried it. That said, as a half Italian-American myself, I'm all for the foldy variety.

      2. Their pizza was o.k. Not so good that I would go out of my way to eat there, but not bad either. Their salads were pretty good.

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          I liked their pizzas, but it was across town for us, so we only had it a few times. Still sad to see it go.

        2. Only have gone (once) to the one in Raleigh. It was okay; but the ingredients were noticeably sub-par/meh…. Didn't taste a reason to return

          LuLusMom, you will like this. What I remember most about it that evening was that prosecco was on special. The waitress brings me a glass which was completely flat. I waited and waited and waited for the waitress to return so I could ask for a fresh glass. She never returned so I take it back to the bar and give them the full, flat glass. The bartender tells me that prosecco is a flat wine and there are no bubbles in prosecco and wonders what I am talking about; seems he thinks only champagne has bubbles.


          Again, did not see a reason to return

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          1. Pizza ands salads are pretty good. A bit overpriced for what it is. Loud, cold, atmosphere.

            Disclaimer: I'm in advertising. One problem I see with restaurants like Piola, with more than one location, they don't advertise. With so many choices, you have to stay top of mind or people forget about you.

            There's a reason why restaurants like Bonefish, Outback, and McDonalds are at the top of their categories. Local restaurants need to do this, too.