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Mar 27, 2014 05:58 AM

BBQ Catering?

I'm looking for recommendations for the best BBQ to cater a party in April in South Boston. I've got a reasonable (but not extravagant) budget and need a place that can cater to meat eaters, poultry-only eaters, and vegetarians alike. Ideas?

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  1. Redbones in Somerville it is THE BBQ caterer in the area

    1. I used Red Bones for my husbands 50th. It was the most reasonable place with good Q I could find and it was a huge hit. The gal who runs the catering dept was easy to work with and the rep they sent to set up, serve and break down was awesome. Not sure on the veggie options but I supplemented the meal with my own tossed green salad, a quinoa salad and fruit salad so I could focus my money on what they do best.

      My first choice was BT smokehouse out in Sturbridge but I couldn't justify the cost of them coming to my area and wasn't willing to commit to a 2.5 drive on the day of the party.

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        1. I did East Coast Grill catering a while ago and it was amazing. Could be worth looking into!

          1. I know Soulfire caters - they have it listed on their site - but I don't think they have any veggie entree, just sides.