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Mar 27, 2014 05:58 AM

Andalusia - tapas I should try

My wife and I are going to Spain in May, mostly Andalusia. We'll visit Granada, Ronda, Cordoba, Seville, Las Alpujarras, Jerez, and do a bit of hiking in the Sierra Nevada. We're planning to eat mostly tapas - I know this region is associated with tapas culture, and we tend to eat that way even when we're at home in the states. I'm not too familiar with the options I might encounter, and my Spanish language skills are fair at best, so, can anyone tell me some of the dishes to seek out? Are there some tapas specific to Andalusia or any of the cities mentioned?
Also, if anyone has a favorite tapas place in any of the cities. please share.
And finally, we often have a quick picnic for breakfast of lunch, so any suggestions for great grocery items - particular types of cheese, sausage, olives and such, that I should be on the look out for.
Thanks for any thoughts.

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  1. I'm not an expert, but the best tapas I had in Andalusia were at Zelai in Sevilla. It was more like small portions of what you might get in a top restaurant, and at very low cost, than what I normally think of as tapas.

    1. Parigi in reply to this post gives a great link to a blog focussed on tapas in Seville:

      1. I wrote a thread on my trip to Granada, if you want to do a search.
        In Granada I liked Tapas Diamantes near Plaza Nueva, Bodegas CasteƱada, and Bodegas las mancha.
        Keep in mind, bars in Granada give free 'tapitas' with every round of drinks. Just order drinks first, then wait to get your free tapa before ordering more food. There are a ton of tapa bars in Granada ranging from great to mediocre.
        The free tapitas ranged from paella to a delicious pork stew, or piece of omlette (tortilla).

        For tapas I recommend the Jamon Iberico, Patatas bravas, fried anchovies (boquerones), fried fish (rap-e), oxtail, clams, razor clams, lamb chops, sauteed mushrooms.
        Living in the US, I miss the food so much.
        I'll never forget the free delicious sauteed mushroom (setas) tapita I had at Diamantes.

        1. Hi Idyllwild,

          For Seville:

          Modern tapas:
          1. My number one favorite place is La Bulla. We will go there at least twice during a one-week visit. The interior design is funky and modern and the menus are posted on chalkboards around the restaurant. It is a popular spot and there is usually a short wait to get in.
          2. Zelai: order the mussels cappucino - it is the BEST.
          3. Infanta - Excellent tapas.
          4. La Azotea - also excellent tapas

          Traditional tapas:
          1. Enrique Becerra - excellent for a paella lunch
          2. Giralda - my favorite dish is the flamenquines. Also the coquinas are out of this world
          3. La Isla - a seafood wonderland. You can sit across from the seafood counter and watch the seafood guy work his magic. It is across the street from Infanta, for easy tapas hopping.
          4. Las Teresas - solid traditional tapas, and it's a great old-school bar. It's located in the beautiful Santa Cruz neighborhood and you will most likely wind your way around those small streets and end up at it at some point.

          Also, the rooftop bar at the EME hotel is great at night - perfect view of the cathedral and great drinks.

          Jerez is sherry, so stock up if you can. Try a glass of Palo Cortado.

          In Ronda, get the snails (caracoles) at Lechuguita.

          Have fun!