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Mar 27, 2014 05:12 AM

Paris - romantic, cool, posh

I'm planning on visiting Paris for my first anniversary and would like to go for a 'nice' meal on the actual day.

Looking for recommendations that are romantic but not too old-fashioned or cliche/touristy.

Love WD50 in NYC - thinking along those lines....

Any help would be gratefully received

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  1. L'Astrance if you have lots of money and lots of time...

    1. David Toutain & Lazare getting rave reviews, modern, trendy, cool...

        1. re: Parigi

          Sunday, but I could do Fri/Sat for the right place :)

          1. re: DavidGMB

            Sunday dinner really limits your options. What time of year, if the summer "Le Mini Palais" is a nice location especially on the terrace and the food is good and it could be romantic.

            Cool is a tricky concept as it really is subjective and to be frank is probably the opposite of posh and romantic. For examples the on-trend Bones is cool but hardly posh nor romantic. I like Brasserie Thoumieux as it has a certain style and has the "Paris romantic" feel.

            I think the best advice is to simply treat Paris as a romantic city so anywhere is going to tick that box, and cool is driven by it being different - just avoid the tourist spots (well covered on the board). So focus on the style of food and restaurant and a good option for food with a bit of edge could be Goust or Toutain.

            1. re: PhilD

              I agree that several of the factors that the OP wants are highly subjective.
              Once a poster who also wanted to go somewhere romantic asked us to vet his list, andI pointed out that one pick had great food but the interior was quite cold, and in the room small every sentence uttered could be heard by neighboring tables. Hardly what I would call romantic. But the poster went any way (then why did he ask ?), and found the place extremely romantic, because he and his fiancée were (1) in France, (2) having good food.

              "Posh" by itself is easy. But posh + cool + Sunday…

              "Cool". Most hipster places in Paris are synonymous with bad food. The handful of good cool places are either not romantic or or posh open Sunday. .

              I can't think of one besides Les Climats Sunday lunch.

              1. re: Parigi

                Totally understand - something like 'cool' is incredibly subjective.

                I'm not necessarily looking at 'hipster', I just don't want anything too traditional/old-fashioned (e.g. gilt frames and tapestries) - I'm not considering Le Cinq for example.

                David Toutain is probably at the top of my list at the moment for the anniversary meal - but accept that Sunday is not looking good wherever I choose.

                I also like the look of Maceo and Chez Denise (my wife's name) for other nights.

                1. re: DavidGMB

                  Chez Denise is very old-school Parisian, animated, quite traditional in all the right ways. Denise being your wife's name, it would make a nice story and lovely memory.

            2. re: DavidGMB

              Le Cinq would be my choice, luncheon or dinner.

          2. How about Le114 Faubourge at Hotel Le Bristol. First drinks at LeBar, then dinner

            1. Les Climats on the rue de Lille in the 7th. Closed Sunday.

              Macéo on the rue des Petits Champs near Palais Royal in the 1st. Closed Sunday.

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              1. re: Parnassien

                Les Climats good; also 110 Taillevent & Maison de l'Amerique Latine.