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Mar 27, 2014 04:55 AM

Salmon? Any suggestion where to go for good salmon in Monmouth county?

It is time to try to eat healthier. Too much eating out of foods that I like! Any suggestions for healthier / diet fare in particuar salmon and other seafood. ( which I do not like!)

I know you can order this at ANY restaurant I am just looking for places where you have had a good experience. Much thanks

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  1. Ray's in Little Silver and Navesink Fishery in Navesink/Atlantic Highlands both have good salmon dishes.

    1. Shipwreck Grille in Brielle has a very good salmon...and lots of other excellent food!

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        Equal Mark and SusieQ thank you very much! I look forward to trying your suggestions. Much appreciated!

      2. Moonstruck in Asbury makes a wonderful salmon dish. There is an Asian style one and the one I love, salmon with a creamy tarragon sauce over angel hair.