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Mar 27, 2014 04:53 AM

Best Restaurants in Saratoga Springs . . .your favorites now?

What are your current favorites?

A long thread "Best Restaurants in Saratoga Springs" started by mobiusmodx in 2008:

My current favorites:

Mio Posto
15 Church

Casual favorites:

Boca Bistro
Merry Monk
Capriccio Saratoga

Also, the ever popular Maestro's with something for everyone, lunch or dinner.

Its' been awhile since we've been to Mio Posto and Maestro's. We also need to get back to Capriccio Saratoga and I haven't been to The Brook Tavern yet.

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  1. Mio Posto
    Wishing Well

    Haven't tried 15 Church, yet.

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    1. re: jaylhorner

      Wishing Well is romantic, but not really in Saratoga Springs it's in Wilton. The food is decent. It is a fun place though.

      1. re: foodwhisperer

        I left off Saratoga National and the more casual Harvest and Hearth (on Saratoga Lake), which are just outside of town. So many good restaurants . . .so hard to select just a few.

    2. Pennell's is an old establishment, but basically a hidden gem. It is not in town but close to the harness track. It has its own parking lot, so parking is no problem. It is solid Italian Food with nice size portions. The lasagna is one of their best dishes. The prices are reasonable, and since Villa Balsamo (aka Don Peppe's) closed many years ago, Pennell's is my favorite place in Saratoga Springs.

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      1. re: foodwhisperer

        I second the recommendation on Pennell's, and certainly the one about their lasagna. Lately, there have been a couple of postings on local blogs which suggest that one of the best things at Pennell's is their steak, which I have never had there. Will try it at our annual male bonding day at the track with dinner at Pennell's.

      2. Bumping this thread up.

        Track Season starts Friday, July 18.

        1. Have not been to 15 Church since the very recent chef change.

          We wish Chef Jason Baker good health and look forward to Chef Duhame's cooking.

          1. Track Season begins this Friday.

            Anyone been to 15 Church with Chef Duhame?

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            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              We stopped by last Saturday, disappointed that we knew we had missed Chef Jason Baker. Our plan was to just have a drink and appetizers at the bar. We shared the Burratini Salad, my wife had the Scallion Pancake, and I had the re-branded Brady’s Burger. Very happy with all three items.

              My full comments can be found on Yelp or Urbanspoon, but i will say here that we were very pleased with the food that was served to us and are looking forward to returning, probably on a Tuesday or after the racing season, to try some of the entrees.

              We really like the atmosphere and enjoy seeing some of the friendly faces from other locations.