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Mar 26, 2014 11:20 PM

Cricket-showing Bar

Is there a bar/ethnic restaurant anyone would recommend in Manhattan (or easily accessible by subway in QNS or BK) that shows cricket?

Specifically, I'm interested in the Australia-India T20 match this Sunday, March 30, 2014 ... it's on at 9:30am, so perhaps that rules out most of the
places which would otherwise be options?


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  1. Maybe the Australian...also it looks like Kinsale will be open, showing a football match so you might have luck calling and asking if they'll show cricket too.

    1. Try Cricketers Arm. They supposedly serve breakfast, so might be open that early.

      1. Maybe call the sunburnt cow? They open at 11am sunday but who knows maybe they will Tivo the game to show later.... ?

        1. had a bad experience during the ashes at Cricketers arms - went once and it was fine and tried to go back and they werent open (even though they said they would be).

          the australian is a pretty good bet if you are cheering for Aus or dont mind people who are. i think ive been there before 1130am (when their website says they open) but i just checked their sports schedule and it shows aussie rules football, and no cricket - you might want to call or tweet at them to ask.

          1. Oh hi everyone ... thanks for the pointers. I'll be sure to call about early opening [for "normal cricket", not an issue since it lasts all day ... but this is the "short form" of the game] and about competing sports [Back in SF, needless to say it was impossible to find the Indian Wells finals during March Madness, so not optimistic this time either] ... or maybe I should just be satisfied catching the Arsenal - Man City game on Sat ... I've watched a couple of soccer matches at CENTRAL BAR near Astor Place, but didnt especially like the food there ... although about par for that type of venue I suppose. Wish I could have gotten a CORNER BISTRO BURGER at CENTRAL BAR.

            >the australian is a pretty good bet if you are
            >cheering for Aus
            er, I am from IND although I dont hate AUS since Ricky Ponting and Andrew Symonds retired. Hence the question if some say West Indian or Indian Subcontinent-type place might have the games on ... perhaps just for staff interest.

            I see The Australian has AFL games on their sports schedule ... it seems odd not to watch the national team play, but maybe it's a schedule issue or it's a Football-bias.

            Thanks again.

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              I can say that AFL seemed more popular than the Ashes when both were on at the Australian.