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Mar 26, 2014 11:05 PM

Seeking mid-range resto rec below midtown

Hi, I'd like to take my friend and his GF out to dinner [nominally in exchange for crash space in Williamsburg]. Are these parameters impossible or with NYC's bench depth and the knowledge on the board, miracles can happen ... ???

--place we could plausibly get into this Sat, 3/29/2014 ... with a party of 3-4 ... we are willing to wait at a place that takes walks ins

--ideally eating between say 6:30 and 9:30 ... maybe this is delusional?

--ideally between Flatiron/Nomad - Tribeca ... Brooklyn from Greenpoint to Park Slope probably ok.

--let's say up to $60-80/person with tax/tip

--European or American [not American Southern] preferred [two of them have absolutely 0 spice tolerance] ... fancy Mexican maybe. Doing Central Asian the night before, so that is also out. And not pizza, due to pizza overload.

[I'm not trying not to come off as ridiculous and picky ... I recognize some sacrifices/ may be necessary on the food quality front, and most of this is slightly flexible, e.g. Financial District spot, but not Queens. I just know in my home town board [SF], people always want people to be explicit about their parameters.]

Anyway, would welcome ideas. Thanks!

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  1. I did a quick check on OpenTable and saw that Blaue Gans has availability at 8:15. Located in TriBeCa, Blaue Gans is excellent mid-priced Austrian fare. BTW, there are many mid-priced restaurants showing availability in the area below mid-town.

    1. Go to Upstate in the East Village, if your party likes beer, wine and seafood you'll love it

      1. Actually, psb, your explicit conditions truly read as a godsend to NYC 'hounds: detailed enough to exclude the places that won't suit you, but broad enough to let the creative regulars go to town, so to speak, on your behalf.

        I don't know if you've cross-posted on the Outer Boroughs, but as far as (lower) Manhattan is concerned, there are, as ellenost says, a wealth of places to choose from. Although 'Zagats' is a bad word in these parts, you might think of doing preliminary research on that site of a neighbourhood (Lower East Side [LES], for example), cuisine, price, factored together and then returning here with queries about what the c'rowd thinks of your preliminary choices.

        1. I see some good availability still at Louro and Recette right now on OpenTable.

          1. Lavagna, in the East Village, has decent availability. I went this week for only the second time, and the first time in a bit, and really enjoyed it a lot (as I did the first time). Intimate, but not crowded. Delicious and well presented food without being at all pretentious. Very reasonably priced.