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Mar 26, 2014 10:04 PM

Bob's Chop and Steak House?

Anybody been here? I figured if they called it a chop house, then it would be at least 28 day dry aged prime. Their online menu just says "prime," so it may be another Ruth's Chris situation. I haven't asked in a while, but where the hell in Austin can you get dry aged prime? Other cities seem to have it; they even have aging rooms exposed through glass so patrons can see the aging process.

A lot of steakhouses in Austin are getting away with murder (most notably, Sullivan's). Meaningless platitudes like "in house" and "hand cut" i.e. Perry's and Yelp people promoting Bartletts.....even so far as saying "dry aged prime" on yelp when it isn't. Funny that a search for "dry aged prime" austin turns up yelp "reviews" and old Chowhound queries..

Flemings? At least on their website, they offer a dry aged ribeye and NY Strip. I haven't been there. Seems to be the only one I can find.

It isn't that I'm snobbish about it, I just don't like the fact that restaurants are charging exorbitant prices. Hell, my meat man at HEB will hold back the better choice cuts that are really prime quality. I've even scored select grading that is thoroughly marbled and on sale. Anyhow, I'm ranting. Thoughts?

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    1. re: SlickTheCat

      Jesus. Lot to pay for bone. I'd like a 12 to 16 oz boneless for $40. I'm so ten years ago with dry aged prime, though. Bone in may be better, but it's likely that six of those 20 oz are bone, and at 85 bucks.

      Why didn't I go to law school instead of being an engineer?

    2. haven't been to four seasons or steiner ranch, but i guess they use dry aged according to this year old article. I cooked up a beautifully marbled grass fed prime ribeye (not aged) from CM over charcoal last weekend and it was better than any restaurant steak I've had in years. I wonder if you can buy these aged cuts mentioned in this piece?

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      1. re: slowcoooked

        Looks like they do gift boxes. Four 10 oz ribeyes for $99. It promises CAB but doesn't say whether it is prime or not. Nor what ranch it is from. I think that it would be cheaper just going to Central Market.

        Sounds like you found the perfect steak! I have to look at every damn one of them before I select the one that I want to buy......last week, I got two USDA select ribeyes at HEB, beautifully marbled with no fat "layers" for I think $6.99 per pound.

        1. re: rudeboy

          6.99 for a nice looking slab of ribeye is great. I'm embarrassed to admit that I wouldn't know the taste of an aged steak, dry or wet, from the aforementioned "young" one I bought for about 22 bucks a pound without a side by side comparison. might be an expensive but fun test.

          1. re: slowcoooked

            Grass fed is expensive, but we all know the benefits. Dry aged is expensive, too. I haven't seen "dry aged grass fed prime." No telling how much that would be.

            Just went to my HEB and talked to the meat man. Beef has shot up in the past couple of days. A good choice steak, for two, was approaching $30 bucks. Select was $8.99. He said it was because of the drought. I asked him to hold back a good steak for me....good man, I hope he stays there.

            1. re: rudeboy

              Your HEB is the Burnet one, right? I'll have to check that out. CM is right on the way home to my ghetto from UT. My only other close in option on that route is a local farmed vacuum packed product from Wheatsville for right around a thousand bucks a pound. not gonna.

              1. re: slowcoooked

                Yeah, but there's not even a meat counter at my HEB, so one is at the whim of vac pak beef.. The guy I'm talking about loves steak, so you kinda have to get to know him. He's usually there in the mornings when I'm trolling for discount meat. He has a happy smile and a pleasant demeanor. I think that he should have his own meat market.

            2. re: slowcoooked

              Back when the Meat House on Parmer was still open, that was my source for dry aged steaks to cook at home.

              The flavor of dry aged beef has hints of Prosciutto/Jamon Serrano, blue cheese and the fat is softer and more waxy.

              These days I don't really eat steak when dining out as I feel I can cook one as good if not better at home. I tend to buy it from Costco these days, especially if I want Prime tenderloin. Costco prices for Prime ribeye seems to be not much less than HEB prices.

              1. re: lixlix

                Does Lee's meat market (formerly Cooper's) over behind Anderson's coffee do dry aged?

                1. re: TroyTempest

                  Not sure about Cooper's, but I picked up a dry aged ribeye yesterday for 18.99 / lb at the WF Domain. Cooking it tonight along with her little dinky butterflied strip (she needs her steak medium ruined). Reminds me of a fantastic moth or Ted talk bit last weekend of a dude (the family cook) hating that his wife wouldn't ever eat one of his proper medium rare pieces of beef (or tuna). They solved this, their symbol of greater marital unrest, by slowly braising.

                  1. re: slowcoooked

                    I've gotten dry aged ribeyes at the Lakeline farmer's market before. I want to say it was $20-something / lb and from Winters Beef.