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Mar 26, 2014 08:44 PM

Broad Bean Wilt Virus?

I'm new to gardening and have planted some broad beans (I'm in the southern hemisphere). They were fine for a while but now they leaves have a curled up appearance, new growth is going black and there are black spots on the leaves.

They were next to some plants (now removed) that had an aphid infestation so I sprayed the broad beans with a pyrethrum spray even though they appeared to not have any aphids.

Photos to come. Any help and advice would be appreciated.

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    1. Pictures will help! ( Hey! Didn't see them when I posted...didn't help so much...)

      Black spots make me think fungus more than virus, but I have never had that issue with my favas. The beans look black when they are emerging, because of the decaying flowers sort of stuck to them. I think I'm seeing that in your second picture.

      I have never had favas without aphids, eventually! What season is it there?

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        It's a warm autumn here. I ended up pulling the plants and disposing them. They continued to deteriorate - more blackened leaves.

        I've bought some seedlings from the garden centre and plan to try them in a different patch in the garden and to be better at staying on top of aphids this time.