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Mar 26, 2014 06:39 PM

Awesome katsu and/or Japanese Curry?

Vancouver has lots of great ramen, but sometimes I need something more solid. Does anyone have any recommendations for awesome Katsu and/or Japanese Curry? Bonus if from the same place! Extra bonus if central Vancouver.

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  1. Not katsu exactly. It's Korean and pretty tasty.

    1. Dae-ji on Dunsmuir has pretty decent Korean style katsu curry. There's a Japanese chain that opened up at Aberdeen that is pretty good too.

      1. Ha, I'm a katsu fiend !

        Sushiyama on E. Broadway has very good pork and chicken katsu. $8 for the katsu box combo all day.

        Clubhouse Sushi on W.2nd has good pork katsu. Curry is good but a tad too salty for me, and I prefer to have it on the side than drowning out the crunchy katsu. HUGE plate for $10.

        i-Cafe (HK style cafe) has good katsu too.

        While the katsu at Saboten (Aberdeen Mall food court) is quite tender, it is devoid of flavour and most items are IMHO overpriced.

        Aki (downtown) has very good katsu+curry. It's an institution, that place.

        Lastly, Hi-Genki (inside Nikkei Heritage Centre) operated by Fujiya has a good curry katsu. The restaurant is also the seniors home's commissary so it has a unique, community ambiance where many of the diners live there and seem to know 'everyone' except a Gaijin like me ;-)

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          Hey- this response is way late, but big shout out to LotusRapper for this, you have changed my life (well, katsu-wise) as both Sushiyama and Clubhouse are walking distance to me and neither was on my radar.

          Sushiyama I judge as OK, I got as takeout on a very crazy and hectic weekend night -- I'll have to try again when it is more calm. Clubhouse is a very strange place, but I enjoyed the katsu curry I had, would definitely go back.

          1. re: pusherman

            LOL, I've not been known (yet) to change people's lives in any way :-D

            Sushiyama, best to eat in. I've done take out before and didn't seem as good.

            Clubhouse got character, for sure. Not nearly as strange as The Eatery tho' ......

        2. The 29th Ave Cafe at Joyce and Boundary road used to have it, but I drove by recently and noticed it has closed (a sushi joint is going in there). Does anybody know if the owners have relocated elsewhere?

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            1. re: Scoffier

              I'm also wondering if 29th Ave Cafe has moved to another location. Their curry katsu was my fav

            2. There's also Zac Zac inside the H Mart on Robson. It's decent.