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Mar 26, 2014 06:02 PM

Seeking Beaune restaurant recommendations

I'll be spending 3 nights in Beaune this July and am looking for dinner advice. I've read the other threads but have a couple of additional specific questions. We'll be spending a night in Saulieu and going to Relais Bernard Loiseau; Loiseau des Vignes is highly recommended, but I don't want to go there if it will be too similar - any thoughts? Also, one member of my group is an avid wine connoisseur, so while I'm sure the wine lists are good everywhere, if there are any standouts, that would be a factor as well Here is what I've narrowed it down to (in no particular order, except for Ma Cuisine, which is almost definite; La Ruchotte doesn't make the list, as it won't be serving meals when we'll be there).

Ma Cuisine (almost definite)
Aupres du Clocher
La Chambolle
Caveau des Arches
Auberge du Vieux Vigneron
Comptoir des Tontons
La Cabotte
Ptit Paradis

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  1. Ma Cuisine is still solid, a few people get a bit pissed off with Pierre's surly attitude but I like the bloke. Aupres du Clocher is some of the most inventive and best food along the Cote and you can buy Coche Dury at more than reasonable prices. Le Chambolle is a good choice, good food, well priced list. Caveau des Arches does the classics well, is very well priced and the list is good. I really like Comptoir des Tontons. Excellent food and a cracking wine list with some blue chips well under market value. We had a 2008 Ramonet Montrachet there that was incredibly good and in relative terms a steal. La Cabotte is lovely. Terrific service, modern food and a wine list that keeps getting better.

    1. Agree with all Jeremy said. Another good option wine list & food wise, though a bit further afield (Gevrey-Chambertin), is Chez Guy.

      1. I must thank Datulip again for steering me to Ptit Paradis. Really, I thought I would never prefer a place over Ma Cuisine for Beaune

        For Beaune, both Ptit Paradis and Ma Cuisine are my fave spots.
        Food-wise I prefer Ptit Paradis.
        But Ma Cuisine has its magnum opus wine list, which gives the place a festive factor.
        Both restaurants are closed on strange days during the week. If one is closed, I'll go to the other one gladly.

        Of the other restos on your long list, Aupr├Ęs du CLocher and La Cabotte are both very good, in a somewhat similar way. Since you will surely need to trim your list, I would choose one or the other.

        But these 4 restos would be my fave spots for the Beaune area, now that Ferme de la Ruchotte has changed mode.

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        1. re: Parigi

          You are most welcome! It had an off period in 2011, but has been excellent again recently. Thank you also for your many recommendations all around the Hexagon Parigi.

          The wine list isn't long at P'tit Paradis, but it has some good ones.

          1. re: DaTulip

            Courbette profonde.
            Indeed the Ptit Paradis wine list was not shabby at all.
            Am very happy to report that the restaurant is now very solid food-wise and service-wise.

        2. Thanks for all the replies. I'm leaning towards Ma Cuisine and Aupres du Clocher for 2 of the 3 dinners. For the 3rd, I'd like to try Loiseau des Vignes, Le Benaton (which seems to have mixed reviews, particularly for service) or something else along those lines. Any favorites to share? Also, for Ma Cuisine and Aupres du Clocher, do you know how far in advance they take reservations?

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            One more to add to that list for the 3rd night - Christophe Queant - Chateau de Pommard. Can't find a lot about it but the menu looks great and apparently he was the chef at Loiseau des Vignes when they first got their star. Has anyone been?

            1. re: snaz04

              We had a lovely if impromptu tasting with the wine director at Chateau de Pommard, but did not dine there. However, the place is really lovely, and we've talked about going back for lunch.

              We loved our dinner at Part des Anges, a wine bar inside Beaune. Great wines available by the glass, in case you want to taste around a bit.

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                I've been to Loiseau des Vignes a couple of times, but it's just never struck a chord with me. No specific negatives, just no real standout items that made me feel that, "oh my goodness, this is great!" moment.

                Le Benaton has great food and good service (if a little stiff). The thing there is that they can be a little theatrical with their food. True IMO of a number of Michelin stared places. Most of the time it works well though. Thought the most over the top on that score in the area is Le Charlemage. I always wonder if I'm being filmed for some new version of Candid Camera.

                1. re: DaTulip

                  I feel the same way about Loiseau des Vignes, especially when I compaer it with the real Loiseau deal.
                  If one were already going to the Relais, Des Vignes would not be indispensable.
                  Funny take on Chrlemagne. Last time lunching at the Ferme de la Ruchotte with Chinese friends after a week of star overdose, we were so happy with the absence of fuss. One friend remarked how wonderful it was to taste an ultra turnip-tasting turnip that has not been sculpted into a swan.

            2. Only been to Beaune once, in the middle of August when most places were closed, but the couple we were staying with recommended L'Ecusson and we had a really really lovely lunch there - very good value for lunch if I remember rightly. I would not hesitate to go back.