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Mar 26, 2014 05:42 PM

Childhood memories

Being a child of the 80's(35 now) and growing up in Arbutus, I remember eating out at a lot of great places growing up. We would travel all over Maryland for a good meal and sometimes meet up with family.
Earlier today my parents and I were talking about some of these great places(some still around, some closed) and it brought back memories. Now that I have a child, I would like to start a whole new bunch of memories for her. Even take her to places I once ate. So here's a list of places that I remember. I know I'll leave some great places off the list but here goes nothing.

Buelles- ellicot city
Cozy inn-Frederick
mountaingate- Frederick
Bowmans- Parkville
baughers- Westminster
bullocks- Westminster
Candlelight inn- Catonsville
sorrentos- arbutus
The loop- Baltimore city
Our place- Baltimore city
Some place that some orioles Legends(brooks, palmer,cal) used to frequent
Little tavern burgers- highlandtown
Any place in little Italy
Mrs. K's tollhouse
Mr.G's- westview
Ginos- the old version
Bob's big boys
Haussners(sp)-highlandtown area
Atmans deli(Jewtown)- Baltimore city
The dogpound(best meatloaf sandwiches)-Baltimore city
Manny's deli-Parkville

So please chime in with your childhood favorites, even your family's favorites. From pizza to burgers to casual or high end restaurants no matter how old or how dumpy it is, it meant something to you and maybe someone else. Newer fast-food and Chain restaurants obviously didn't make my list. I'm looking for the nostalgic places. Places that will spark a conversation amongst family and friends.


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  1. update on candle light inn. in case you didn't know, it's now candle light funeral home. who said "you can never go back"? ;)

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    1. re: Vidute

      Vidute - well go back one last time I suppose...

    2. Pappy's Pizza and Delaney's Irish Pizza Pub, both in my hometown of Laurel, MD.

      I know you said not to include fast food or chains, but I sure miss having Roy Rogers close to home. Now I have to drive to Burtonsville or Gaithersburg to eat at one.

      Also, I think Farrell's ice cream parlors were a chain, but my family often went to one (maybe in Wheaton) for birthdays when I was a kid.

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        I'm fortunate to have THREE Roy Rogers near me. I take my kids a couple times a month.

        Growing up in Bowie, we had Rosa's Pizzeria and Happy Italian Delight. There's still Cetrones. For that style of '60s American Italian, I go to either Italian Inn, Pizza Oven, or Astoria Pizza.

        Rip's is still in business. Still solidly mediocre, which is comforting in a way.

        Looking forward to what Marriot does with the updated Hot Shoppes menu at the Convention Center Hotel.

        Mangialardo's & Litteri's for subs.

        Billy Martin's Tavern hasn't changed much, except for the prices.

        Quarterdeck in Arlington for crabs. Cantlers, too. And Jerry's in Seabrook for the crab bomb.

        Weenie Beenie is still peddling halfsmokes and bbq. Burger Delite as well. Jiffy Shoppes in Suitland still serves artisanal piles of greasy grease.

        Lincoln House Waffle Shop for greasy breakfasts. Not as retro as the original, but still good. Bob & Ediths and the Tastee Diner in Laurel fit the bill as well, along with Florida Avenue Grill.

        I don't think Old Europe has dusted their bric a brac since the Johnson administration.

        The sliders at Laurel Tavern Donuts are actually quite good. Not as thin and steamy as the original Little Tavern sliders, but good enough for me.

      2. I love these nostalgia threads...we certainly didn't eat out back then as much as we do now, but still over the years a number of restaurants left nice memories.

        I grew up in the 60's (Four Corners) and 70's (Potomac) and remember going to:

        Roy Rogers (the roast beef sandwich was yummy)
        Hot Shoppes (mom's favorite was the Mighty Mo)
        Gusti's in D.C. (special occasion)
        L'Auberge Chez Francois (really special occasion)
        Little Tavern (a treat after a doctor's office visit)
        Shanghai in Silver Spring for great American Chinese
        Crisfield's - the great tasting bisque that holds a spoon vertically. Shoe string potatoes (a rarity back then)
        Armands for deep dish pizza
        Hamburger Hamlet for their hot fudge brownie sundae
        University of Maryland Dairy Sales Room for fresh ice cream after Dad would take us to fly kites on the lawn in front of the admin building
        Ledo's for their wonderful pizza

        I too remember Farrells - we would go after duck pin bowling. I saw someone get the huge 50(?) scoop sundae once for a party.

        1. I enjoyed reading your list. This is, indeed, a fun thread. So, here goes my list:

          Danny's - downtown Balto.--great popovers
          Original Chesapeake on Charles Street--fabulous primerib
          Brentwood Inn-east Balto.--the "mixologist" was a hoot--tossing the drinks in the air and then pouring into the diner's open mouth.
          Cy Bloom's Brass Rail-downtown Balto--the first time I ever ate Tater Tots
          Burkes--downtown Balto.--best onion rings
          Peter Pan Inn-Urbana, MD--celebrated my 18th birthday there and, surprisingly, was served Planter's Punch--I wasn't carded!
          Mealey's-New Market, MD--great fried chicken livers and the best hush puppies--family style for sharing.
          Peerce's Plantation--succulent rack of lamb--beautiful location.
          Meushaw's and Emerson Steakhouse--two of the restaurants that initiated the Salad Bar. Meushaw's had the must indulgent seafood au gratin.
          Orchard Inn- loved their cuisine. It was there that I first sampled Florida Stone Crab Claws. Have been addicted ever since.
          Velleggia's supper club in Towson--food good, but it was the music and dancing that inspired.
          The Brager Gutman's in store tea room---cherry Cokes and lemon phosphate--grilled cheese sandwiches.
          The lunch rooms in the Hutzler's and Stewart's downtown Balto. department stores.

          Well, that is my culinary trip down memory lane. FoiGras

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          1. re: FoiGras

            That reminds me of shopping with my mom at the Woodies in DC and having lunch in the Tea Room. I don't remember what we ate, but I distinctly recall everyone wore ties and did not dress like a hobo.

            1. re: monkeyrotica

              What a great photograph of Woodie's tea room.

              You are so right--when my Mom took me to downtown Baltimore--usually at Christmas time and Easter--we wore hats and gloves and we dressed very formally. It was part of the intrigue of feeling like a grownup in a "fancy" restaurant. Sadly, the dress codes have all but disappeared.

              I mostly remember eating grilled cheese and tuna fish salad sandwiches along with Maryland crab soup. Then my Mom would let me select a dessert--lemon meringue pie or strawberry shortcake were two favorites. FoiGras

          2. Hot Shoppes - loved that "Teen Twist"

            Little Tavern - "Buy 'Em By The Bag" and I did.

            Polar Bear (?) Frozen Custard, up (Georgia Avenue?), with its white building covered with mirror shards, and big polar bear statues out front.

            Weenie Beenie in Arlington