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Mar 26, 2014 04:03 PM

Failed to book lunch at Quintessence.... alternatives? Edition by Koji Shimomura?

New to this board, hoping to get some opinions. I tried booking Quintessence basically 7 weeks before (they start accepting reservations 2 months ahead of time) but only to find they were fully booked after hours of redialling the busy line.

Just wondering about alternatives? Preferably a Michelin starred restaurant under 10,000JPY for the lunch menu (Quintessence's was around 9000JPY). I am interested in more creative, innovative cuisine.

The only thing that I found suiting my preferences was Edition by Koji Shimomura. Has anyone been there? What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Off the top of my head - Tirpse, where I haven't been yet, or Florilege, or L'Effervesence which isn't my personal cup of tea but is also not a bad option at all.

    I think they all meet your criteria. L'Ef should be easy to book, Tirpse hit or miss, Florilege probably difficult.

    Quintessence is always booked by regulars well in advance, but if you're persistent they may give you a hint as to when their waiting list is very short.

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    1. re: Gargle

      Thanks for your suggestions! Really appreciate it. Do you know if I can book in English for these restaurants? I'm particularly interested in Florilege, but seems like it's difficult to book at this time.

      1. re: petlion

        Yes at Florilege. Yes at L'Ef (you can even book online). I don't know about Tirpse, I'll bet you can.

        1. re: Gargle

          You'll be fine booking in English at Tirpse. I went with another American friend so we were speaking in English, and they bent over backwards speaking decent but not perfect English to us, despite the fact we kept speaking to them in better Japanese...

          1. re: jjcha314

            Thanks! I actually found that they had an online reservation system on OpenTable, which was convenient. But thanks for letting me know that I can be speaking English in the restaurant! Always a relief.

          2. re: Gargle

            Thanks for your help, really appreciate it! I actually just manage to secure 2 reservations, one with Florilege and one with Tirpse, according to your suggestions. Turns out Tirpse actually had online reservation on OpenTable, so the process was easy.

            I only have 2 days in Tokyo so I will be missing out on L'Effervesence. Just curious, you do you say it's not your personal cup of tea or why you'd prefer the other two?

            1. re: petlion

              The menu is a laundry list of dishes from famous restaurants with no attribution (e.g. hot to cold tea) and with no improvement/personal take. When there is an attempt to outdo the original (e.g. their version of gargouillou) it comes off as mostly boasting (they use 26 veggies? we'll use 50!).

              But the room is beautiful, and I'm pretty critical of this type of me-too restaurant, so it's probably not as bad as I make it sound.