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Feb 25, 2003 03:15 PM

help! need sichuan peppercorns asap

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My friend is in Montreal on business for one day and would like to buy some sichuan peppercorns. We can't get them in the U.S.--there's an import ban. Where can he find them?
Thanks so much,

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  1. You might want to tell your friend to try Jean Talon Market (Farmers market) There is a bulk place that sells spices or near the market area on St. Denis are several oriental food stores one being Marche Oriental.

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      The good bulk spice place near Jean-Talon Market is called Anatol at 6822 Saint-Laurent Street. They do not have sichuan peppercorns. I wanted some not long ago and the guy said he knew what I meant but didn't have any market for them. I got mine in Chinatown at the little dried-foods place on La Gauchetière, south side, just west of Saint-Urbain. Try asking for "fa jil" (swallow the l so it's almost fa jiw) and they should know what you want.

    2. Be advised that any Szechuan peppercorns that your friend brings back to the US must be ground and roasted to satisfy US import regulations. If he is caught importing untreated peppercorns he could be liable for a hefty fine.

      The ban is due to an outbreak of a citrus canker that infected the crop in Southeast Asia. These regulations are there to prevent the spread into American citrus crops. Canada has no citrus crop and thus has no need for a similar ban.

      1. You can get them at any Asian market, such as Marche Kim Phat (there are five stores in the Mtl area, including in Chinatown on St-Laurent).