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Mar 26, 2014 04:00 PM

Sap Run


After a long spell of -10C and colder accompanied by seriously heavy dumps of snow up here and extended road closures we're breaking out. I'm thinking that the attached forecast for our area indicates that our sap run is about to commence - warm days, freezing nights.

There is concern however about how the severe winter will effect the run in that the frost line extends far below normal levels - some areas of our town are still on "drip alert" - running a trickle of water to prevent freezing of water mains. I imagine the same holds true all through sugar bush areas north of Toronto.

Last year's supply is long gone and I'm finally forced to a dubious bottle that tastes suspiciously sweet. It will do though until the darker B Grade comes available later in the run.

My trusted and quality supplier of many years has finally retired so I will have to explore a bit.

God, his product was good. Nice dog too.

Any other info elsewhere?

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  1. We've only had one OK day here in Northumberland county so far where I managed to boil down half a litre of syrup from two trees. In a good year, I can easily get five litres from those trees, but I don't know about this year yet. I could tap more trees, but I'm lazy and the snow is still so deep.

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    1. re: earthygoat

      Snow? Deep snow in Northumberland? Haa, haa, haa.

      Fetch yourself down to Bruce County, old Goat. We'll send some snow back with you to supplement your shortfall.

      Aye, it's been a hard winter all round and there is no laziness in tapping even on green grass.

      Good luck with your crop.

    2. Here is a good place to keep track of the sap progress.
      Waiting impatiently....

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            Yes, this is a content rich & up to date website. Thanks for the link.

            My younger days of collecting buckets in deep snow and boiling them down over burning logs, in a home made pan, under the stars, is unfortunately over. But I still pay attention & this year's spring temperatures did not look hopeful for a good sap run.

            I keep a list of the Ontario maple syrup festivals and they were all too early this year for the current flow.