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Mar 26, 2014 03:47 PM

Anyone been to Frankie & Johnny's since they reopened?

Wondering if it's any good.

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  1. Yeah, I had lunch there on Sunday. I had a dozen oysters which were very good, then my friend and I split pepper rings and a catfish plate. Everything was crispy and well fried. The catfish plate had two large fillets, a green salad (with the awesome homemade blue cheese dressing - don't miss that) and potato salad. We were stuffed. I have always thought F&J's was about 15% too expensive for what it is, but I can't complain about the food. And the place is so clean now, it's like walking into a different restaurant.

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    1. If i wanted a not-fancy but good seafood place, would this be the best bet? Or can someone point me in a different direction?

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        It would be a good bet, I don't know about the best bet. There are dozens of casual seafood places. What are you looking for in particular? Fried platters, boiled crawfish/shrimp/crabs, raw oysters, poboys? I would give different answers for each. But Frankie & Johnny's is solid.