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Mar 26, 2014 03:32 PM

Single Traveler - Downtown Ottawa

I will in Ottawa tonight and staying at the Delta on Lyon. I'm looking for a place that is friendly for a single diner. I'm happy to sit at comfortable bar but I would like a decent glass of wine and food to match. I would prefer to walk but could be convinced to get into a cab if necessary. Thanks to anybody who sees this on time.

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  1. I might be a bit late, but I would recommend either walking to the Byward Market and eating at Vittoria Tratoria. The pizzas are exquisite but so is everything else.

    1. Also I've never been but have heard good things about Supply and Demand.

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        Thanks for the hints. I would have walked over to Vittoria Trattoria but it closes at 9. I should have gone to Supply and Demand but I opted for the Delta Hotel restaurant called Lift. It was a big mistake I think. Thanks for the suggestions.

        1. re: ComerDemonio

          Sorry to hear about your restaurant experience and that I did not see this post earlier.

          If you make it back to Ottawa I could recommend Play Food and Wine in the Byward Market - excellent food and wine, nice bar to sit at and attentive wait staff.

          Another personal favourite is The Smoque Shack. I've only ever ordered beer there so cannot vouch for their wine selection. But they also have a nice bar for solo diners to sit at, good food and knowledgeable wait staff.

          If you have an opportunity to return to Ottawa and can post sooner I'm sure I can think of lots more places-;)

          1. re: ottawaoperadiva

            My trip was not something I planned. I had time to pack 1/2 a change of clothes and a tooth brush and then I posted from the airport. I have book marked your suggestions but I'll definitely post earlier next time I get up that way.

            Play Food and Wine looks fabulous from a quick look at their site and menu. I ordered Gnocchi at Lift and I can virtually guarantee that it was not even a shadow of what Play Food and Wine could offer.

            I'm happy to have a couple of beers with some BBQ. And I'm happy to have BBQ too. Smoque Shack also looks great.

            Thanks for responding.

            1. re: ComerDemonio

              Sorry to be replying too late - I too am an infrequent business visitor to Ottawa. The Westin at least has The Shore Club as its restaurant, and although I would call it an upscale Keg, it had the best Ceaser salad I have ever had in a restaurant, and crab cakes with real crab!
              But for dining away from the hotel, I loved SIDEDOOR - Asian fusion, excellent dishes, very friendly, small plates, and communal tables IF you are into that
              If you can splurge, try Eighteen in the Byward market area, wonderful atmosphere.