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Mar 26, 2014 03:17 PM

Meat shop

I need help finding a meat shop I saw in either PA or NJ. It was a small building with a hand painted sign. They made their own smoked sausage.

They carry many meats this chef has never heard of. Every part of the pig +. They listed Chuckers as one of their meats. I asked and was told they were a local small bird. There were many things on the sign I had never heard of.

It's in a very small town. The kind that has broken chairs for sale on the sidewalk in front of the second hand store.

It's about two blocks from the "freeway".

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Could it be Dietrichs in Krumsville(just off of 78)?
    They carry Chuckar partridges, as well as about every other kind of meat or poutry you could name.

    1. Not sure this fits your definition regarding the "broken chairs", "Chuckers" or 2 blocks from a "freeway". But this is an excellent long time family run Meat Shop.

      1. Illigs is a wonderful store, and worth a visit if you're in the area, but it meets none of the criteria you mention, so it almost certainly is not the one you remember.
        Dietrichs fits your description to a T(even down to the little second hand furniture store with furniture outside in 'downtown' Krumsville).
        The only difference is there is no'hand-painted sign' however, they do have a giant white-board on the front of the building next to the front door, where they write their daily and weekly specials.
        I really think its the place you're thinking of. They always have chuckar partridge in their freezer section. Chuckar is not a local bird. Its a European partidge imported into Pa years ago as a game bird-there's a partridge hunting season in Pennsylvania to this day- much like the ring necked pheasant was.

        1. Thanks too all, Got it. Dietich's. You all need to go there. It's an experience. I'm going soon.