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Mar 26, 2014 03:12 PM

Where to rent a pot for crawfish boil?

Heading to NOLA with 15 guys for a bachelor party over the first weekend of Jazzfest and would like to throw a boil. Any suggestions on where I could rent a burner and pot to accomplish this? Also would it be better to pre-order the crawfish or wait to purchase in person. Thanks for any tips!!

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  1. Unless you know what you're doing, you might consider hiring someone to do the whole thing for you.

    Here's one place that'll do it:

    1. Party rental places often rent rigs. Call around. And yes, you'll have to call in advance to reserve your crawfish. Holidays sell out quick so call early.

      Do you have access to a vehicle and a location with tables, coolers, large trash cans, utensils, etc.? A rain back up plan? Has anyone in your party boiled crawfish before? Unless the answers to these are all yes, you'll have more success and fun hiring someone.

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        I am flying in to Baton Rouge and driving a rental car to New Orleans so I do have access to a vehicle. I have boiled and catered myself enough times where I feel comfortable handling it. Since you say I should order in advance, do you have any suggestions on who to order from and would I be better off getting in baton rouge or new orleans? Thanks again for any input and suggestions!!

      2. Zatarans Pro boil and a rental or even a purchase will turn out to be great. don't worry even a bad boil is good. Not all that hard, 5min rule, potatoes 5min,sausage,5min corn and crawfish 5min done.

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          First I ever heard of the five minute rule. But everyone boils differently.
          And I have had really bad crawfish before so they can be screwed up

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              "Bad Crawfish". That phrase brought to mind the crawfish we would catch in the ditch that ran along the west side of Allabo Street from the New Orleans Abattoir toward St. Claude, Us kids would boil them, unseasoned, in coffee cans and eat them. We never got sick and the spankings we received did not prevent us from doing it again.

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                Do you remember Pomes and his headcheese?

                1. re: hazelhurst

                  Our place abutted Mr. Pomes on the South side (about 1939). His home and butcher shop were on Douglas St. Ours on the corner of Tupelo and Douglas. Mr. Pomes grew some of the herbs he used in his sausage. My grandmother would sometimes tell me to go ask Mr. Pomes for some parsley. He would instruct me to just pluck the tops and not pull it up by the roots and come show him how much I picked. He would smile, look at the parsley and give me a link of his pork sausage and a link of blood sausage and tell me to ask my grandmother to fix them for for my breakfast. The blood sausage (Boudin Noir) was my favorite, sure wish I could find it today. I think Mr, Pomes was the grandfather of the gentleman (Red?)who had the sausage place on Gordon St.

                  1. re: hazelhurst

                    I got sidetracked and forgot to address your question. Pomes head cheese was second to none for me and I have eaten headcheese and souse, when available, throughout the States, in Europe and S. E. Asia. I never visited in Louisiana without first stopping at Pomes's shop when they were on Gordon St. for hot sausage and headcheese. I was told that they had moved across the river and never had the opportunity to locate them.
                    Carl Trietler who was with them on Gordon is still making sausage in Carriere. MS. Carl's folks had a bakery on St. Maurice and Douglas when we lived on Tupelo.

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                      Treitler's is good stuff...I have not been through there in a couple of years but used to grab some en route to and from Tuscaloosa.
                      I used to get Pomes' headcheese on Alabo street..he had the outbuilding (with its own little sidewalk from the street to the side door) and he had an icebox out there. I'd go in and get the headcheese and leave the money in a cigar box on the table. Nothing was locked It was great stuff. used to buy two bricks of it for a Thoth party. One was served cold and the other one we let melt and used it as a dip.

                      I wonder if anyone has that recipe?

                      I am getting my better stuff from Armond's in Slidell. Also been picking some up from Todd O's in Lutcher and Schexsnayder's in Back Vacherie. I gotta say, though, the Hi-Nabor in Baton Rouge, of all places, has an excellent is liver-y

            2. Just saw this in Friday's TP about Maple Leaf Crawfish Sundays. That might be fun and less work for you.


              1. J - are you still looking for a rig? If so Event Rental on the Wetbank has just about everything culinary available from commercial refrigerators to tables to garbage cans. They also have a location in BR too. You may have to buy the propane tank from someone - like Harry's Ace - as most of the time combustibles can't be rented and this will be costly. Crawfish are running high this year so be prepared to pay for the sacks too.