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Mar 26, 2014 01:52 PM

Yusho (LV)

Very interested in trying Yusho when I come out to LV later this year. Was supposed to dine at Yusho in Chicago two years ago, but had to cancel the reservation at the last minute. The menu (according to the Eater LV article) looks very good. Will be interested to read reports. I'm still undecided about my dining plans for my next visit. Since I can eat only one big meal a day, and since I'll be in LV for only four days, it's a case of too many great restaurants with too little time. With the opening of Yusho in LV, my original plans are now up in the air. (Tentative plans: Le Cirque (of course); Guy Savoy; Twist; Gordon Ramsay Steak vs. Heritage Steak; and now, Yusho). I know people will say I should dine at Yusho in Chicago, but, unfortunately, it will be a while before I get back to Chicago. I look forward to reading your reports. Thanks!

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  1. Yusho Chicago rocks. I haven't eaten a bad thing there over many meals. Looking forward to visiting it in LV on my next trip.

    1. Yusho Chicago is excellent; I'll be to the new one well before you come out and offer some feedback. IMO, if it is open for lunch I'd slot it there - you don't need to eat heavy there by any means.

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        Thanks. Look forward to your report.